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Who Says Illegals Aren't Criminals

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  • Who Says Illegals Aren't Criminals

    Illegals are 7.6% of Arizona's population but are 14.7% of the prison population.

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    Illegals are 7.6% of Arizona's population but are 14.7% of the prison population.


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      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Using the often-quoted Pew Research Center estimate of 500,000 illegal immigrants residing in Arizona, they make up about 7.6 percent of the population. However, illegal immigrants make up 14.7 percent of Arizona's prison population, with none being incarcerated merely for their immigration status. Thus, illegal immigrants commit much more serious crime than legal residents.

      Read more: </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

      According to sources, there is not a precise accounting between illegal aliens and legal residents or undocumented that are in prison. So how can this number be accurate? Did they actually determine that the 14% are in fact illegal and if so, are they making arrangements now to have the undocumented portion of them immediately deported when their sentence is finished I wonder.


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        yes, Federale86, HOW DARE you say anything about the criminal illegal aliens? especially in a commie, pinko liberal site like this one? I will quote S12 "illegals are known for their superior intelligence"


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          It doesn't mention what kind of "serious" crimes they have committed. My guess would be that most are caught for driving without a valid DL. Hardly a serious crime. Certainly not murder, rape or armed assault for example.
          "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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            Brit: you have no clue....a significant majority of illegal douchebags have phony SSNs, have scammed medical bennies for themselves and their illegal brats, have cost the American taxpayers bucket loads by placing their illegal brats in public schools without paying the unsubsidized tuition, have caused wages to drop in many blue collar industries because they'll work for ten cents on the dollar and pay NO taxes, cause thousands of car wrecks each year that kill thousands of Americans, none of these bags of manure have ever thought about car insurance (though illegal alien supporters try to sell the idea that these same totally irresponsible lowlifes will run out to Geico the minute we grant them some half-ambercrumbly work visa or other status.....yea...those 12M pieces of slime are 'crime free' alright....


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              Someone 12: I am just curious, How does people pay taxes? I mean when someone buys something at the store, taxes are included? or when someone get their paychecks (even with fake ssn number) do they get deductions out of their paycheks? and Im sure those deductions wont get reimbursed because the money goes where? And if someone gets on an accident will you prefer to crash with someone with or without insurance? Maybe some people (illegals) will not buy an insurance but arent the police supposed to enforce those requirements? Is every single citizen or LPR insure in the US? I can not feel nothing but sadnees and pity by your comments.


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                Good point bsanchez. I've known some Americans who chose not to have auto insurance and I'd guess half of NJ residents don't because it's so expensive up there.
                "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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                  good ole bsanchez...ever whining, still illegal....what the eff do you know about our economy? zip. Are YOU paying taxes with a legitimate SSN?????????? Do YOU have auto insurance in YOUR OWN NAME???????


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                    Not to worry. S12 is angry because he's recently been rejected for a local cable access TV show host position, and this is his venting ground. As for Arizona's problem, I think that this is a very legitimate issue.
                    Always interested in the H1-B visa, the Eb-5 Visa Program and other Eb5 Investor Visa related issues.


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                      Hey Someone12 !! How Are you? I been away from the forum for like 2 or more years, As an update well I am in my native country now, missing what I call (and feel) my home the beautyful USA; It is ironic that sometimes people make fun or make awful remarks about americans (like yourself) and I will always defend the US flag and the american people and their traditions (even people like you) and I do it because thanks to the american people and their way of life I am whom I am today, someone whom respects freedom of speech even if such speech comes from a lonely heart, or a victim of abuse or someone whom could never fullfill their dreams and likes to vent just because the power of anonymosity. I said ironic because I was deported and still love the USA, a country taht allowed me an MBA and years of work experience, which provides me a unique background.
                      Anyway Someone12, I wish you the best Christmas and a new yera filled with blessings.


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                        Oh! and by the way, I lived in the US for over 17 years, I paid taxes I had and have insurance (because I learned to have one, in the US) and I even work for the State Government, so I guess I know little about the US economy as far as my ssn yes I did pay with my own number real one, and as soon as I turn the appropriate age for retirement I will claim my State employees benefits and my ss benefits, Again the irony is that i never had permition to work, (of course I was deported) but hey Im happy, I cant dwell forever on my tragedy, life goes on, and is to short to be bitter....take care.


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                          and ole Terry is another 'noble' one...who well sell out his fellow Americans for some billable hours....


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                            ole bsanchez doubt using a stolen SSN and identity


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