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    Mohan, do you REALLY think lawyers are blood-sucker leeches?


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      Ambra looks like a beautiful foreign girl who just won't accept to work in some service type of work...wants to go for legal assisting...go ahead if "mentally-ill" Americans will allow you to...


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        Oh my God! Some people simply live to hate America!


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          Oh yeah?!


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            I am not Mohan, but CERTAINLY lawyers are blood-sucker leeches!


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              How long it takes to fill one form? what cost? just little ink and piece of paper.
              IS it $200 not free money just to talk to someone?
              Isn't it $ 75/min just to talk to opponents client's Lawyer called blood *******? local call.
              One restraining order ( domestic violence case)to decide costs $18000, and still gets fake restraining order becomes permanent ( A fake try to judge the Laws effectiveness by two students that Law are presumed to be favoured to one party by gender and Judge gender are also coupled to it, main subject is the Ordenary Lawyer, how they maks money, This case was done in NEW Jersey, And finding facts are unbelievable) what you called that?
              Yes Lawyers are Blood suckers? Specially when they know client has less right Or less Knowladge


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                So Mohan is not an ***,huh?!


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                  their face, they know that many many times they will not that be able to succeed in that, but just the thought that at least half of the time they will be able to lie happy that makes them feel if they will actually mess up your case. They pretend they care, promise and keep telling you good words, but, on the other hand, they don't. Stay clear of lawyers, people!


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                    It is a pleasure for lawyers to see someone's case messed up, it brings a smile on their face, they know that many many times they will not that be able to succeed in that, but just the thought that at least half of the time they will be able to lie happy that makes them feel if they will actually mess up your case. They pretend they care, promise and keep telling you good words, but, on the other hand, they don't. Stay clear of lawyers, people!


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                      Ambra, don't worry, you seem a smart woman to me and you'll be able to find a good job. Just downplay yourself a bit when working for those lawyers who want other to believe they're as smart and capable as they wish themselves to be.


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                        deport illegal aliens


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                          Go for it girl!


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                            Ambra -- be aware that,

                            Demand For 'Temp-To-Hire' Legal Secretaries On The Rise

                            One of the first indications of an improving legal secretarial employment market that has been hit hard by a recession is the increase of "temp-to-hire" employment opportunities. We are just beginning to see a real increase in the demand for temp-to-hire legal secretarial assignments. Law firms have searched for ways to cut expenses. With few exceptions, virtually all departments implement cost-saving strategies, including staff reductions. As a result, temporary assignments dwindled and displaced legal secretaries scrambled to identify new employment.

                            Law firms find themselves in need of qualified legal secretaries to meet the demand of the business market. This has come in the nick of time. The recent emergence of temp-to-hire (also referred to as "temp-to-perm") opportunities has been reviving the legal secretarial employment market. As a result, many of the unemployed legal secretaries now have an avenue back into the legal industry, and are optimistic that they will once again have a sense of job security. Temp-to-hire opportunities tend to benefit the unemployed. Legal secretaries already within a direct-hire role are unwilling to take the risk of a temp-to-hire option as the gamble is too high. There simply are few, if any, guarantees that the legal secretary will be converted to direct-hire status. As a result, the competition for temp-to-hire legal secretarial opportunities is an ideal situation for the unemployed. The odds of being offered a direct-hire legal secretarial job is dramatically increased, especially if the unemployed legal secretary has glowing references from previous employers.

                            At the same time, temp-to-hire is a practical solution for both law firms and legal secretaries. Law firms that are attempting to stay fiscally responsible are able to minimize their hiring risks, and are able to monitor the performance of temporary legal secretaries prior to direct-hire conversions. Law firms that find themselves with a limited hiring budget believe that they are investing wisely with the temp-to-hire employment option. While there are some who do not seek temp-to-hire employment out of fear that they may lose, delay or jeopardize their unemployment benefits, many unemployed legal secretaries view temp-to-hire employment as a realistic solution to their professional needs. They have the flexibility and confidence to prove themselves on the job within a temp-to-hire situation.

                            Additionally, legal secretaries who have recently relocated are having success with the temp-to-hire option. Since their knowledge of their new legal community may be limited, temp-to-hire provides a window of opportunity to learn, discover and familiarize themselves with their new environment. It also provides a built-in mechanism to keep their options open with other law firms. Typically, when a law firm has a temp-to-hire opening, it prefers to interview the legal secretary prior to the assignment. This demonstrates to the applicant that the law firm is serious about a possible conversion, and also provides an opportunity for both parties to evaluate one another in terms of suitability and potential. It also allows both parties to establish a dialogue with each other, which is very important to a smooth transition as a direct hire.

                            While there are advantages for law firms and unemployed legal secretaries to pursue the temp-to-hire option, there is also a major disadvantage. Since there are no assurances that a temporary will be converted to a direct hire, legal secretaries still retain the flexibility and option of interviewing for new employment with other law firms while performing as a temporary. Law firms that are able to quickly and effectively mobilize their resources to convert temporary legal secretaries to direct-hire status tend to be most successful with this option. Law firms that delay or stall the temp-to-hire conversion stand a significant chance of losing the legal secretary altogether. The length of time the legal secretary performs as a temporary prior to converting to a direct hire is critical. The shorter the assignment, the better the odds that the law firm will be able to convert the legal secretary. Even if the law firm has established with the legal secretary that the assignment is for an approximate period of time, law firms are at risk of losing the legal secretary from the very first day of the assignment. Temporary legal secretaries who seek direct-hire status are free to pursue employment situations just as law firms are free to interview other applicants. Thus, the level of security for both parties is best resolved with short temporary assignments prior to converting to a direct hire.


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                              Mommie, as I understand it (and I think I understand it pretty clearly Ambra is looking for a position as legal assistant, not legal secretary ... legal assistants are pretty much like paralegals, while legal secretaries are more administrative-type-typing-dummies for those l***y ****s of attorneys ...


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                                ....those l a z z y a s s e s of attorneys....


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