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    Keith, you are right about there being many bad USC employees as well as illegal ones. The difference is that they are USC. We have laws to hold them accountable. They can't skip over the border till the heat dies down and then sneak back. Most of the time when you get ID from a USC it is valid and that is the person you are dealing with. When someone is operating under a false idenity in a country other than his own , I believe it makes them far more likley to commit petty crime as they feel they can go "home" again with no problem. I am sure there are many hard working honest illegals. But we are a country of laws. We cannot look the other way while some of our laws are broken and then expect the rest of them to be obeyed.And we can just expect more people who would have come here legally ,to see what is happening and do the same. How can we expect the honest immigrant to try to do things the right way if there are no punishment for the ones who don't.? And there are 4 to 5 MILLION illegals living in Ca. right now. That is more than the amount of LEGAL immigrants in the WHOLE country.And there are another 7 or 8 MILLION in the rest of the USA. To put it in perspective yoy could populate the ENTIRE states of Oregon and Vermont with just the ILLEGALS in CA. It is totally out of control.And we have groups on the campus of CA. colleges calling for these people to take back the states of Ca. New Mexico ,Az. and Texas and make it a seperate place for all the Hispanics here. Now I don't know about you , but I consider that to be TREASON. And the US taxpayer is paying for the colleges where these people are speaking from.That makes us pretty stupid for putting up with that I think.If something is not done soon, there will be a big backlash. The economy is bad and Americans are looking for someone to blame.If I were an illegal , I would be looking for things to get pretty bad.


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      It is treason, no doubt about that.

      I didn't come to this country to steal - or to "take back" territory - actually, this idea is a complete absurd. I didn't know this was happening in the college grounds.

      As soon as a legalize my situation - which I couldn't do yet because of increased bureaucracy, therefore my process has been in a pending status for two years - I will join a law enforcement agency, probably INS or a local PD.


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