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This is your chance to make yoursef, your family and others LEGAL.....

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    To Those Who Approve these Bills

    Thank you for your support. You are noble people. This is the chance that many honest immigrants have been waiting for to legalize their situation and comply to the US Legislation.
    Many illegal immigrants are not dangerous criminals. A rapist is a dangerous criminal. A murderer is a dangerous criminal. A drug trafficker is a dangerous criminal. A robber is a dangerous criminal.
    Yes, USA Government, deport all illegal immigrants who are also rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and robbers! Au reste, expatriate all USC who are also rapists, murderers, drug dealers, and robbers could be a good solution for a huge share of this nation's problems! Maybe they don't deserve to live here as well... but, guess what?... they have civil rights! They were born here! Too bad for us all. Excellent for those USC criminals who are begging for another chance to correct their life and follow a good path.


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      To "Guest too"

      Maybe you don't know that but USC also take jobs with low pay! Even before 9-11 I used to see many folks applying for a $6.75/hr rate (waiter/busboy) position.

      Even considering the tips that waiters get, our dishwashers ($8/hr) earned a bigger paycheck!

      No USC has ever applied for a dishwasher position.

      During five years working in a restaurant, I've seen many line cooks ($12 or $14/hr) come and go. I would say that 95% of them were immigrants.

      Being a waiter is a hard work, but washing dishes, pots, pans and mopping floors eight hours per day is even worse!

      What can a restaurant owner do? He/She hires immigrants, who have their contributions regularly paid to the Social Security Administration, fair amounts withheld for Federal and State taxes, etc.

      My point is: Immigrants don't spoil the economy. No USC wants to be a dishwasher - rarely a cook, anyway, even if guaranteed to receive more money per month!


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        To all the bleeding hearts who are defending the illegals. Please >BUY A DICTIONARY and look up thr word ILLEGAL. You don't seem to understand what it means. I don't care how many Americans are in jail. They are Americans and we will deal with them. Don't try to justify illegals with Spouting off about American criminals. And your right, America has quite a few criminals of our own. So we sure don't need to have them coming from other countries , now do we.If you went home tonite and there was some criminal sitting at your dinner table eating your food,who had just broken down your front door, would you offer him a place to sleep . Or would you call the cops,and tell them that someone has broken into your house.?Well all those illegals have broken into Americas house. I don't care why they are here. I don't care if they want a better life. They should stay in their own country and try to make it better,instead of taking the easy way out and mooching off America.


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          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dear Guest6. However, I consider your analogy mediocre and out of context. This country cannot be compared to a house with a family inside. This is a place where over 290 million people live together in a daily basis and where a new baby is born every 8 seconds! This is a magnificent nation that was built by the hands and heart of immigrants - and most of them initially illegal. While certain USC keep saying that they hate Arabs, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, etc., many illegal immigrants are more than welcome by Americans in many homes and workplaces in this country, only because they are honest people and hard workers. Immigrants - legal or not - are an essential part of this system. Remove them completely and the country falls apart... crippled... with no real flavor.

          I don't need a dictionary to learn what "illegal" means, even though English is not my native language. But with words and expressions such "thr", "tonite", "your right" (instead of "you're right"), "our own" (instead of "its own"), "now do we.", etc., maybe YOU need one! And you want us to learn English! LOL

          I love this place!


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            I do not want to sound selfish or disagree with the opinions of people who think law abiding(?) ilegals should be made legal but i do think that LPR's who have filed for their wives and children and are going through the inhumane and immoral due process deserve a fair deal too. Having an LPR wait for five years to get an immigrant visa numberfor a spouse is the most ridiculous law any sane person can come up with.


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              This bill is a slap on the face for legal immigrants who follow the law, pay taxes and are always under scrutiny by the INS. If the US needs jobs none of its citizens are willing to take, there are legal ways to bring people here. This bill serves as an invitation to more illegal immigrants. It's like saying "hey, if you can enter (illegally) and wait long enough you'll eventually become legal."

              If this bill ever gets approved, maybe they should amend it to include paying back taxes (with interest) for years they didn't pay.


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                I would like to have the contact addreses of the senators to write about this. I need your help to get their address pls pls pls.



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                  Can I have the contact addresses of the senators to write a letter to them to support this bill.


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                    I don't know why you people are even talking about these bills. Don't you realize that some pandering congressmen introduces ones similar to these every election cycle. They know they won't get out of committee even, but it makes them appear caring to whatever immigrants live in their district. They can go home and say "well I tried my best". This year they stand even less chance of passing anything to benefit illegals. 80% of Americans want them all rounded up and deported. They want the military on the border. There are 30 states that have BIG BIG budget deficits.And the ones with the biggest(CA>AZ> TEXAS>FLORIDA)have the largest immigrant populations. They are finally starting to understand what hospitals, and law enforcement have know for some time. Illegals are a terrible drain on a states economy. They do not contribute to the economy. They take away . LOTS.They have an AVERAGE of 3or4 children. The costs of hospital care for mothers and children have bankrupted many hospitals and caused them to close ,leaving American lives in danger should they have an emergency and have to travel a great distance. Then Law enforcement. Illegals commit over half the crime in cities where there are a lot of them.The DEA says they account for 85% of all the crack cocaine dealers in the USA. If I were a legal immigrant jumping through the hoops that are imposed on them ,I would be outraged. The illegals are causing INS to become inflexable in their dealingsbecause they realize the American people are starting to raise a lot of noise about this problem


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                      To everyone here who opposes illegal immigration, this is what I have to say: I am a small business owner. Prior to 9/11 I had 19 employees. 9/11 did not do anything to ruin my business, because we grew to 23 U.S. CITIZEN employees a few months after than. Then this anti-illegal sentiment became very strong, with all of these idiotic government policies, like the special registration, etc. (my business is in an area where there are many many illegal aliens of different nationalities). Now, many of my customers have gone away, most of them to Canada and some of them back to their home countries. My business is dying, and I am now down to 4 employees whom I can hardly maintain. I blame no one else but my country, the U.S.A., for ruining my business and the lives of my employees whom I have had to let go. The stupid morons in Congress who enacted our stupid laws are the ones who ought to get deported and barred from returning forever !!!!!


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                        What is this B.S. about "fair" amounts of taxes being withheld? Social Security is, because no wage earner has a choice about that. But you are naive and overly optimistic if you think that the majority of illegals pay anything. They don't. They don't file at the end of the year. I think your support of these people is a nice idea, but if they were paying what they should, would schools be cutting budgets as they admit more undocumented kids? or would their parents' tax contributions not be making up for that influx? or would hospitals be going under? It's the USC and LPR taxpayers getting hit hard, buddy, not the guys living in the shadows.


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                          Dear "Hey Keith",

                          I may agree that I was naive in some of my assertives. I talked based on my own experiences and I totally forgot about thousands of illegal folks who are "self employed" out there: taxi drivers, house cleaners, baby-sitters, etc. I'm sorry. Many of these people abuse the system: they do not pay taxes and still can benefit from health and social services like anyone else. Worse, they give opportunity for many USC to cheat the system as well: payments to baby-sitters and house cleaners are rarely reported to the IRS.

                          My knowledge is restricted to the illegal ones who work for American businesses and are included in a managed payroll. Even when they utilize fraudulent SSN cards, they will have their contributions automatically withheld, including SS, Federal and State taxes, etc. The employers will also pay their share and the money is forwarded to the proper governmental offices. These offices lose nothing. If the employee does not file a tax return, the withhold "long green" will be used by the IRS and States and SSA anyway.

                          I've been in contact with many illegal immigrants in the past who came here exclusively to exploit the system. They cheat the IRS. They apply for unemployment benefits. They do not invest in this country: no savings, no stock market investments, no donations to charities, no volunteering services. They remit their monies to their families back in the country of origin and buy real estates and good cars and promote their BBQs to celebrate the good life.

                          I don't support dishonesty. I just wish that most of the illegal immigrants could have a chance to have their cases analyzed individually, and then have their situation legalized according, if deserved. I agree that these immigrants should have more limitations than any USC. For example, if one leaves the US, s/he should have his/her Green Card held at the INS - to get it back, another application would be necessary. No money should be sent outside the US, unless authorized by an INS or IRS authority. These remittance companies should be obligated to report all transactions monthly to the IRS.

                          But then, again, I'm just being too naive.


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                            I don't know who is doing the bookeeping for your illegals,But Ido the payroll in a large nightclub/restuarant and the only thing they (ILLegals) are paying is payroll tax, which everyone pays and NO ONE gets any of that back, thats just the cost of working. Unless you are paying your illegals over $50,000 a year and they are single, they don't make enough money to pay income tax. All the ones that work for us have phoney documents. We know they are phoney but as long as they show us documents, that puts us in the clear with the law.And in California , white people are now a minority and mexicans are the largest population group so you have to hire them. So after 2 or three months I get a notice from the SS people telling me that their SS number doestn't match up with their name . So then I am required by law to notify the IRS. But they are so backloged in notices from employers with the same problem that they usually never get around to doing anything about it. In fact, with the earned income tax credit ,and due to the fact that they have babies by the liter, I have actually had employes who are illegal get an INCOME TAX REFUND.Most of the ones working here are the only people driving new cars and that take a vacation every year to Mexico. And I don't know about yours, but these are lazy , foul mouthed creeps, who have no respect for white women who work for a living. They are all getting food stamps and WIC and when they have a cold they go to the emergency rooms of the local hospital. And they don't pay a dime. If I did that they would attach my wages to collect .They laugh about how stupid this country is and how easy they can rip us off. They tell us that Vincent Fox would never be so crazy to give anything to gringos who might want to live in Mexico. They say that in 10 years or less that the southwest will be all Mexicans, because it really belongs to them. I'm afraid they have already taken CA. back. This once beautiful state, looks like a gang infested ,graffiti covered third world country.And as they vote in more and more mexicans to congress it can only get worse.


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                              And one of these jerks hit my car last night, he was drunk and had no Driver's License, no insurance, nothing. On top of that he told me not to call the police and let him go!!! You know, $1,500 dammage that I have to pay myself now! And he didn't care depite the three charges: DUI, Driving Without License, Causing Accident - at most he'll be compelled to go back to Mexico, and a month later cross the border and come here again. Phew!


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                                Unfortunately, that wasn't a joke. They do receive a net paycheck after deductions. Money is forwarded to SSA, IRS and State. PAYCHEX is our payroll processor.

                                We have good Hispanic workers who never came to work late and rarely get sick. Some of these guys have been with us for years. They are reliable for all accounts. I think we're being lucky. But, of course, we had to get rid of many, many, many bad ones before.

                                One of these cheaters - a Brazilian, illegal - faked a back injury in 1999. Even before the "accident" he was a lazy prep cook. Doctors could not detect any physical evidence of his injury. After he came back to work, he even asked for a raise! He continued procrastinating on his duties. We also found out that he was cheating the time clock: leaving the workplace after his shift to go to rent video tapes or to have dinner and coming back later to - sneakily - punch out the clock; or coming very early in the morning, punching in, and going out for a coffee or a 30min smoke. One day he did not show up to work and he was fired by the owner - his brother-in-law! The crook filed for an insurance compensation - because of his "injury" - and got paid $800/mo. for six months! However, during that period - since the first month, he was already working as a gardener/housekeeper in a rich mansion - owned by his sister's boss. I called the insurance company and reported the fact. What they did? A stupid insurance investigator CALLED the crook's sister and asked whether that was true! Of course, she denied that her brother was dishonest - and that was it! No further investigation. After eight months he got fired because... he was lazy. But he had already earned enough money to buy a taxi - obviously he must have already found a way to cheat the taxi system as well.

                                He had said once that he came here for money and that "Americans are a very stupid people."

                                I do believe that Justice will made one day and that this guy will pay for his corruption and treachery.

                                However, I'd be inequitable if I omitted this fact: we also had problems with USC (born and raised here) employees, who were stealing gift certificates, food, wine and beer - sometimes given to friends at private parties. They did that for five months and the restaurant lost over five thousand dollars because of their trickery. One blue-eyed Caucasian floor manager and two Black waiters. They were fired and the owner did not report them to the authorities.


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