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This is your chance to make yoursef, your family and others LEGAL.....

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    Sorry I meant to say, immigrants should not be blammed for bad economy, it is war loving people or terrorists who should be blammed for jobs lost.

    Immigrants are key to this country' success, & let's support them.


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      I got BLAMMED last night!!! What a party!!


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          Mr. Political Science! I think you can guess what this thread is about, I am sure you can find a lot of dedicated places for language you are accustomed to.

          This thread needs support for bills that enforces family unity. Be specific to it.



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            Consider me your supporter.


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              I thought, this thread is about an existing law that will make me legal.


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                I must agree indeed that this country was built by Immigrants...I said Immigrants!!! NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS....Even without the proper knowledge of the immgration is very apparent that the illegal immigrants are the ones that caused this law to be stricter. It is them the backlogs the line. I don't support the current INA law as it is very detrimental to those that are legal here. I would never ever support those illegal immigrants...THEY ARE THE ONES TO BLAME WHY OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAW IS THE WAY IT IS NOW".


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                  People who have entered the United States illegally should not be given any legalization because they had no regards for our Laws. On the other hand, the people who got Visas from their countries and then overstayed here should be given some sort of leniency to get legalized, only if they have not committed any other crime than overstaying their Visas.
                  Illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from us. At a time when the unemployment rate is very high in the country, the government should try to deport all illegal immigrants who entered by Border Crossing or on fraudulent documents. Some people think that the Americans do not want to do low paying jobs. They are absolutely wrong. When you know, you have a family to support, you will do everything to bring as much money as you can to put food on your table.
                  Moreover, the Government should stop issuing Visas to other than parents, spouse and kids, which is for Brothers and Sisters. If they want to still issue Visas then there should be some standards for it, like they should have higher education and have passed some English proficiency Test.


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                    I agree with Guest x If these illegals didn't take thes jobs for such low pay , they would have to pay a decent wage to an American. They only pay such low wages because they know these illegals won't say anything. So we need to deport all illegals and jail anyone who hires them . And I agree about the overstayers also . Unless they commit some fraud to try and stay. But they should have to speak English and prove they won't be a burden. I think that we have to make them learn English right away. Otherwise they stay with only others like themselves and pretty soon we have another "special intrest " group. What we need are immigrants who want to become "Americans" I welcome that immigrant with open arms as do the rest of Americans


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                      There are millions of Illigals /overstayed in this country. It was always a problem of illigal immigration.
                      these people comes here and work low paid jobs, either they don,t pay taxes or tax are paid by employer and never claimed back because of tax return never filed. Feds get unclaimed tax money ( positive point).
                      What we do to them? if caught they are detained and send to jail and proceeding starts. it cost money to local govt. for expenses to detain, proceeding costs, hiring new forces etc etc ( negative point).
                      These days boader sceurity is tight and flow of illigal immigration is way down,but who are already in the country, we have to do somthing about them.
                      what choice we have?
                      catch them each and everyone and deport them back.
                      OR legailze them here and let be apart of our community.
                      To catch them , its very hard to catch each and every one and its way expensive to deport all of them. figure is more them 9 million, and they belongs to everywhere , not only our neghoring country.
                      If they leave who is going to do the low paid job which normally USC either don,t want to do OR want to do with more money. Employer has to pay taxes To fed which is extra burden on him if he do it right.
                      Many illigal immigrants are here staying years and years and have family ties, they have spouses and childern who are born here and raised here. IF we deport them, Lots of families will get hurt, Our Law is in the favour of Family UNITY.

                      IF we legalize them ,it will be like rewarding the offenders who broke the Immigration LAW.
                      So what we can Do?
                      We dont want to hurt our economy and specially US Citizens, as every dollars we spend on them goes from our pocket, to detain them, to deport them, to maintain the facilities, etc .
                      We should Impose the panelty on them , as we done it before too, get some financial reserve strong and legalize them. ONE thing we should Do differently which was not done in the Past. stop the flow of illigal immigrant completely.
                      we have to modify our marriage LAw too. Tracking of Visitor is already in progress.
                      The legalization of alien will comes with finalcial panelty, whic should cover the cost of expenses done in the past on illigal aliens.
                      This will makes us understand that these aliens will be liable to pay taxes every penny they earn after legalization.
                      The solution will save us plenty of things, like suffering of USC, Citizens tax money will not contribute towards maintain the illigals in prison. Illigal will be able to file taxes and pay taxes.
                      Of course ther will be other clauses ,likwe illigal shouls be bared to adjust if he has crime history etc etc.


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                        I can dig it!

                        The majority of people on this board is not speaking from a constructive standpoint. In everything, money is the main factor.

                        I commute everyday to work, a couple of days ago two passengers were arguing on the bus over a seat. Enventually one punched the other in the face, a fight broke out with the one that threw the first punch getting stabbed in the head and neck. The one stabbed was a white man, the one doing the stabbing was hispanic. The injured one had to be air-lfited to a hospital in critical condition and the other is in jail on $50,000 bail. He knows he will probably do time for it, but he said he did not care, because he made a vow that if a "white" man, whether he be a cop or an ordinary civilian touched one hair on his body, he was going to kill him. So basically he does not care about the money his wife has to get for his bail and the heartache involved with his children, he's made his mind up.

                        I liken this stabber as some of the people that respond to this thread - "round them up", "shoot them", "deport them", - at whose expense? For believe me, it is a pretty expense venture because there are alot of illegals here - both young and old, and innocent. Deporting them would be counter-productive.

                        This is how I see it, let them pay. If it is true what most of you say, that they are bancrutping some States, let them give back to society. Why, you think they don't have the money? Trust me they do. Some have paid thousands of dollars to so-called lawyers to get green cards for them - to no avail. Thousands, I mean. There are many that don't file income tax, while there are many that file and don't get a refund, becuase they the SS# is probably not good and they are afraid. Where is all that money?
                        So if the government see it fit to try and legalize the ones already here, I don't think we should meddle in it, they know what they are doing. And I agree with the above post - if they've committed a crime and continue do it, they should not be able to adjust their status. Period!

                        By the way, both men (the caucasian and hispanic) are Americans!


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                          I am a Naturalized US Citizen. I was born in EL Salvador and my parents came to the US when I was 7 years old. I beleive that those who are already here should be given a chance to become legal. Most who are here are already contributing to the US economy, even after they send money to their country of origin. Of course to become legal they should first qualify, through employment or immediate family. Something like the 245(i) that passed back in 2000.


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                            This is a verbatim of the bill introduction:
                            "The USEFUL Act will enable immigrants now in the country to become
                            eligible for permanent residency if they have lived in the U.S. for at
                            least 5 years, regardless of their current immigration status"

                            it would seem that the bill also includes aliens that are residing legally in the US, but I do not give credit to this; Immigration laws must favor those who choose to follow the legal means to obtain their permanent residency. It is absurd to pass executive amnesties that benefit only illegal aliens; it is a travesty of the law. It is sending the message that if you hide uncaught for some years, avoid getting into trouble, you will have the chance to become a resident while those law abiding, tax paying, legal alien will have to wait for many exacerbating, costly and painful years the results of their immigration petition.
                            I have been waiting for over two years for my Labor cert to be processed at the DOL; it is behind in the processing queue because in April 2001 thousands of out-of-status aliens that were working un-authorized rushed to have their situation regularized. It is not completely their fault, but of the system that will allow it.


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                              I guess my problem with making illegal legal is that somehow it's not fair that those who fenagled their way into this ccountry get to naturalize more easily than those who are here on work visas or any other legal visa. It's not fair that those who came here under false pretenses, claiming to come here for business, study, or a visit when they really came here to disappear, get to have it easy when those of us trying so hard not to go out of status, and following all the legalities suufer the old fashioned way. Besides, it is these illegal immigrants who have made it difficult for those of us legally wishing to come to the US and legally working or study here to actually get visas, or in a lot of cases get our visas renewed because the consulate becomes suspicious of our intention. I think it's wrong that it's so easy for an illegal to get married to a USC and get a green card and it's so hard for a law abiding alien to get sponsored through his employer, or a family member. Why should someone who has done wrong be pitied and given amnesty, whereas someone who's been wracking their brains and their nerves to always be legal and do the right thing be subject to tough laws?

                              Illegals are humans, and I think they should be treated humanely when they're being sent back home. However once the government has allowed some of them to use 245(i) to remain here, then they should be allowed to stay. But I wasn't in favor of that law too much anyway because I don't think it's fair. What makes the illegals so special that they shouldn't stand in line and go through what the rest of the world has to go through to enter and stay in the US?


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                                To "Sure Will Write" and "Voter"

                                Do you really expect me to believe that you have never broken the Law in this country? Ever?
                                Do you really think that all USC (born and raised in the US) are "saint" and "righteous" and "honorable" solely because of this fact - being born in this country?
                                Do you really believe that a mere US Birth Certificate will distinguish "good" from "bad" people? And that all immigrants are money-suckers?
                                Where did you learn to generalize like that? From your American parents? Maybe so. In your American schools? I doubt it.
                                Your pathetic opinions gave me the understanding that maybe you both do not deserve to live in this country despite your American overprotected crib.
                                What group are you representing on this board? Neo-Nazi or Neo-KKK?

                                Shame on you both!

                                "Voter": even the statistics you provided - if they are legitimate - show that 2/3 of bandits behind bars in California are American Citizens! They are fruit of your own "upright" and "right-minded" society! Part of this society, my dear, could be appropriately blamed for what happened in NY in 2001. None of those terrorists in 9-11 were USC, I know. What they did was heinous and horrendous... and there is no justification for that act of extreme violence. What they did made us all be scared and troubled... worrying and trying to outguess what will come next... and a new line of stupid generalization was born: "Arabs" are "insane" and "dangerous"... "Muslims" are "unstable and fanatic people"... "immigrants" are "potential terrorists"... and so on.

                                Open your mind, guys. Do not generalize.

                                Believe me: not all Arabs are terrorists (those were a minority); not all immigrants (legal or illegal) are crooks or worthless or wicked. Many illegal immigrants want to become legal and contribute in a positive to this nation.

                                Maybe exile, banishment and expatriation of USC criminals would solve that "7 billion dollars per year" problem in your Sunny State, "Voter". Maybe not. Or maybe you just prefer to live by yourself... staring at the mirror... venerating your swastika tattoo?


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