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      I am a foreign national in the US. I was sent to an English speaking elementary school since I was 7 years old in my home country. Then I was college educated in the US. It has taken me years of effort and sleepless nights to comply to the rules of the US as a foreigner. I have applied for visas, got in long lines at US Consulates and gone through hell to be in this country as a legal nonimmigrant. And now you want to tell me illegals can get an easy way to be residents? OK go ahead and do it. Destroy with your feet what you built with your hands. Please don't legalize these people!


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        Just forgot to mention. I have a job offer from an American Company. I'm about to lose the sponsorship because INS is taking forever to process my case. I believe I'll be back home soon without a job in a country whose unemployment rate is 20%. Those of us who try to follow the rules are also kicked out of the United States.


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          Hey buddy you are not alone I have a Masters Degree from US college, the company that sponsored me went bankcrupt while my case was pending with INS. Now I am on h1 with another with only 2 months left on my second H1. I have to start the process all over again.


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              THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT BILLS HERE! I am definitely in favor of the second bill, restoring fairness to laws appears to be a very good idea. I will definitely support it.

              As for the first bill, I think I would like to know a little more about it before I actively support it.

              Regarding the second bill.... I am especially in favor of things that support family unification, as I firmly believe in the importance of a family to its children.

              oh and one more comment for the person that said that illegal immigrants make up 30% of the people in US jails... I am just curious where you got this information, and whether it ever occured to you that this may be accurate, but only because our jail space and tax dollars are being used to deport people who are here in the country illegally and have never committed any felony whatsoever, whereas people who are US citizens and have robbed or even murdered (with a good lawyer) are out on minor charges and responsible at most for reporting to a parole officer or performing community service. Heck a US citizen can get off on temporary insanity and never even have to do the above mentioned.

              You should learn to look beyond the obvious in any statistics as the person who presents them can make them look any way they want to. Frankly that information doesn't make illegal immigrants look bad to people who know how to think in an intelligent and critical fashion, it only makes the US justice system look suspect.

              As for everyone else.... whatever your opinion may be, look at these two bills for what they are, two different bills. You don't have to support one to support the other. You can support fairness in the laws without support legalization of illegal immigrants (or vice versa if you so choose.)

              Either way thank you to the initial writer of this topic for bringing this information to our attention!!


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                So you think that putting an army is going to do the job.. lol.. welcome to the club.. Us has never had to defend the borders before. the cost is tremendous and I dont think that the will is there.. after living cheap for 200 years u think u'll spend the money on the border. i know one thing, if US starts spending all the money on borders and homeland security and xyz, the social security is going to be finished, taxes will go up and then people like me will pick another country which has a future..


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                  the first bill (USEFUL) i think is a blanket bill covering all non-US citizens presently in the country. it is asking congress to legalize the stay of those people who crossed over by giving them the right to file for citizenship. i think this bill is unfair for those who came here legally - inspected and accepted at port of entry.

                  i think US citizens should support a bill that would classify an applicant as a person who has "legally entered" the US and can therfore adjust status to a resident - no matter what his present status is (overstayed expired i-94, out-of-status). if this person "legally entered" the US and wants to apply for residency, the US should approve his application if he is

                  1. educated (college degree)
                  2. no criminal history (here in the US and from his/her country)
                  3. has enough funds to pay for medical insurance for 5 years
                  4. will sign a waiver denying him the privilage to apply for unemployment benefits and foodstamps until he is a citizen (that he can apply for after 5 years)

                  if a person came here without inspection & acceptance at the port of entry - he should not have the privilege of applying to become a resident because he broke the US immigration law in the first place. he should have the option of departing and entering legally thru an employment sponsorship program - where no US workers can be found to fill-in the job, where his/her prior records for crossing illegally can be waivered in light of the sponsorship program and then apply for residency.

                  to those who is presently inside the US and entered ilegally, we should not chase after them because of illegal entry if that person has not committed any crime. they should be able to file for work permits and tax numbers for the good of the economy, but should not be able to apply for unemployment or foodstamps. if they need medical attention, we cannot deny them of this since we are dealing with the life of that person.

                  there should be an avenue for an alien to apply for citizen if he entered legaly or not, be it thru

                  1. employment (for the good of the US economy)
                  2. family unification (the sponsoring family should prove that they have enough funds to support the person being sponsored and should have to pre-pay his/her medical insurance for 5 years)

                  * an alien who illegally entered and is inside the US has the avenue to apply for residence if he/she has any one of the two items above.

                  * an alien who legally entered but fell out-of-staus should also have the option of applying for residence if he/she has any one of the two items above.

                  * if an alien is out-of-status (expired h1-b, overstayed visa), he/she should not worry about "being denied to apply for residency" if he/she can find an employer to sponsor him or if he/she can satisfy item 2 above.


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                    I will try to post this compaign on differen bulletins. I will make sure, I do my part.


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                      To all the fanatics:
                      Those "illegals" are taking jobs that you would not want your children to grow up and take. How many US citizens dream of their kids growing up to be dishwashers, lawn mowers, janitors, etc.? Not me! Many have fake social security numbers - know what that means? They are having taxes taken out of their pay. They are contributing to Social Security. Go to the restaurant district of your local city, and count the people you suspect may be "illegal" - if they were rounded up tomorrow and deported, where would you dine on your next date? Everyone's big concern is that Social Security will be exhausted by the time those of us in our 30s reach retirement age - why not try to do something about it by adding a couple million new contributers?

                      Those of otherwise good moral character should have the opportunity to legalize their status. My ancestors didn't get anyone's permission to live here, either - that was back in the 1600s. They were so desparate to improve their lives and those of their children, that they accepted the risks of travel and living among hostile natives. Ever read that poem Lady Liberty is holding? She specifically says she doesn't want the aristocrats, she welcomes the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Maybe someday Ashcroft and his pals will climb up there and cover it up with a curtain, like those classical statues he found so offensive, but for now we still consider ourselves a nation of immigrants and the refuge of the oppressed.


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                        Besides, there are a few dozen bills like this introduced by every Congress. How many of them actually get passed? HARDLY ANY. Usually one or two anti-immigration senators will cause a big stink and it doesn't even make it to a vote.


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                          Business hires talent, And, remember hardworking people are always preferred on Lazzy folks/.
                          So stop bashing these poor imigrantas.


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                            i think lizzy is defending the immigrants


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                              do't be uncle tom.. u know what i mean..


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                                WAR loving folks should be blammed for unemployments.


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