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Happy New Year & more visas for illegals

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    Its the irish in Josephine!!!!!!!


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      I meant its the Irish in me


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        Is THAT why I use that word too much? Begorrah!
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          If you think I am bad, you should talk to my irish cousin...........he's the nicest guy you could meet but boy does he have a way with words especially the F-word


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            Paddy rocks. I always look forward to his posts. Keep 'em coming.


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              paddy--ahh, yes, another joker....

              "There will be absolutely no deterant to future illegals coming to this country and it p-i-s-s-e-s me off the fact that I have to endure the long but LEGAL process of immigration while someone just waltzes across the border under the cover of darkness and gets rewarded for it."

              Get ready to get pissed of some more!! How is paying a fine a "reward" any way?

              "I do however recognise the fact there are around 10 million illegals maybe more..who knows.......who do all the jobs that americans don't want but these people need to earn their right to be here and the immigration process should be twice as long as it is for legal immigrants."

              At least your head isn't up your a$$ as far as many others here......

              "In addition, they should be all have to pay not only a S10,000 fine but should have to go back to their country and apply for this so called"I'm not an Amnesty program.....honest!!!" program."


              "The state of California should invest all the money that is ****ed dry from their welfare system by illegals and hire more border patrol officers or police and a build prison style wall the length of their border to keep the ILLEGAL MEXICANS out but more importantly keep the TERRORISTS out"

              Another knucklehead........

              How would a prison style wall have kept out the 9/11 terrorists??

              In any case, millions here are here to stay.


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                "Actually, i'm gonna have a **** good laugh when people who file tons of documentation proving legit marraige, ties to home countries, work on non-immigrant visas (h1, l1's) for years paying tens of thousands in taxes, study in schools and pay thousands in tutions, get rejected for tourist visas, wait 7-8 years to sponsor a brother or a sister, tons of docs to prove national interest, fighting for months in immigration court from getting deported, basically do it the LEGAL way....see an illegal mexican walk by them at the INS office, and pickup a GC and smile and go off on their marry way."

                I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you......nice silly analogy though. I'm telling you, you have some good comedy material!

                "Oh man, i can't wait for the backlash.

                Ah, what a joker....


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                  Why is it silly?

                  You don't think those two types are going to stand in the same line for 3 hours at the local INS office??

                  -= nav =-


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                    "You don't think those two types are going to stand in the same line for 3 hours at the local INS office??"

                    It is silly because no illegal immigrant is just going to walk into any building and walk out with a GC. Nope, at least not with 245(i).....all that did was allow them a CHANCE to adjust. Nothing is handed out.

                    As far as them standing in line together, who cares? Life isn't fair, quit their b!tching and move on with their life...

                    The legal immigrants did things the right way, good for them...........their wait has little to do with the person standing next to them.......


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                      >all that did was allow them a CHANCE to
                      >adjust. Nothing is handed out.

                      A "chance" to adjust through bypassing the entire immigration system that others have to go through. You call that "chance", I call that "special rights for criminals". Why can't an illegal go through the same system as everyone else, if we forgive them for their previous violations? Why are they so special?

                      >Life isn't fair, quit their b!tching and move

                      Life isn't fair, but we're talking out IMMIGRATION SYSTEM. Which should be fair, cuz we're the ones who create and administer it. If I apply for the IS, i'm not going to deny people and just go "hey life ain't fair, deal with it".

                      We're more intelligent of a society to not stoop to such 3rd grade thinking.

                      We are a nation of laws, freedoms and principles. What message are we sending to others who break laws then? Hell, i want an amnesty on my previous speeding tickets dammit. I mean, i see speeders all the time and there will ALWAYS be speeders!!

                      -= nav =-


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                        George W. has just handed those of you who want something "done" to legalize the status of illegal aliens a nice little dilemma. As reported in the Washington Post, Bush's "immigration reform" plan, to be announced today, will give illegal aliens legal status. Here's the catch--the visas will be good for only three years, and the holders will not receive any preferences for green cards. Since only 5,000 cards are now available for unskilled workers, and since the workers will still have to meet sponsorship and income requirements for the green card, most will not be able to get them (and for sure won't get them in a timely manner, given the processing backlogs this will create). In other words, they will end up either having to leave after 3 years, or they will again fall into illegal status. Furthermore, if they do get visas, the government will then have a record of them and who they are working for, making it easier for government to find them if they stay beyond 3 years--which is precisely the reason workers have been unwilling to sign up for other guest worker programs such as the H-2. Think this one will fly?


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                          I think is merely a campaign issue. Bush will propose an immigration reforme so vague that it would give hope to the illegal without bothering the US citizens that oppose amnesties. Here are some points to consider:

                          1. The president can not make laws, the Congress does. The President can propose.

                          2. A law takes a lot of time. They Congress will still be studying Bush's propose by the time the Presidents Election's day. If Bush is re-elected, he could change his mind. If some other person is elected, we will have to wait until he speaks his opinions about amnesties.

                          3. Bush wants to get the Latino vote. But honestly, how many latinos votes. 90% of Latins are illegal, 9% residents and only 1% citizens (I meantion latins as an example because I dont know the stats of other nations). That means only 1% (or around that) can actually vote. Bush wasnts that 1% happy but he wont risk the other citizens votes.

                          4. Around 80% of US citizens by birth are against an amnesty. Bush wont risk those votes. That is why he wont speak openly about an amnesty. If he has to choose, he will choose this group because they represent more votes.

                          It's mery a political strategy that wont pass, at least not for a couple years (after the elections). By the way, what do the Democrat candidates think about this amnesty?


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                            Good Luck Someone, you will need it!! I once spoke with our top rank officials here, this is what they told me, even if they could round up all the illegals in my state, INS does NOT have enough people to worry about the ones that are here illegally, this being their only crime. They are trying to round up the ones who have commited crimes such as rape, murder, those types of crimes. He also said that for our state there is only one INS official, therefore he cannot round up all illegals, so good luck in your worthless cause, it will never succeed.


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                              Reina--No need to round up illegals. Deport 'em as they find 'em. The rest get to stay here, and worry that the INS will come across them, or that any violation of the law can send them packing. And they get to watch their kids grow up in poverty, knowing that college and a better life than their parents had are largely out of reach. Maybe their grandkids will have it better--but then, maybe not.


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                                The program would be open to both legal and illegal immigrants, so long as those without papers could prove they were working in the United States as of the date the new policy becomes law.

                                As you see even legal aliens will be allowed to apply.


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