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Happy New Year & more visas for illegals

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    thee are TWO issues here:

    1) One is the breaking of US law.

    2) the other is applying for a much sought after government benefit (green card).


    Right now illegals complain that the two are LINKED together (for obvious reasons) and affect one another.

    Fine. Let's have an amnesty. If you break #1 -- we'll FORGIVE the crime and won't punish you for it.

    HOWEVER -- you do NOT get special advantages of OTHER immigrants. You STILL HAVE TO GO through the same process as everyone else. Otherwise it would UNFAIR to others. Plus would be a security risk.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too. Which is what illegals want. They want to be forgiven *AND* be given gc's right there and then, while others wait years and prove themselves at consulates all over the globe.

    My battle cry: Amnesty for violations, Encouragement to do it legally.

    Once you do it legally -- you can proclaim yourself as a PROUD LEGAL AMERICAN.

    Otherwise, get the f*ck out. I'll import my own haitians to process thos crops thank you.

    -= nav =-


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      Melanie--There are literally billions of people in the world who would love to come to the US. Why should you get preference over them? Given that there is no way that all can come, there must be some way to decide who comes. We made that decision by what we put in our immigration laws. If we say the laws don't matter, then we effectively say, anyone can come.

      As for being so contemptuous of laws as you seem to be, well, law and order is a big part of what makes the US function, and so attractive to immigrants. Laws make sure everyone, including illegal aliens, get a hearing. Laws make sure that taxes are collected to pay for all those benefits and services that illegal aliens consider to be "free", such as education for their children. Perhaps if the country you're from were more concerned about laws, you wouldn't feel the need to be here.


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        1) One is the breaking of US law.

        My case was different - I did not break the law. Americans brooke the law many times.

        - American company who invites an alien to work in USA on L1 visa or H1 visa must have a job offer for him.
        - An American lawyer who expires aliens visa and gives illgal recommendations to an employer breaks US laws.

        In these case Americans break the law not an alien who did not know very complex American immigration laws.
        Blame yourselves.


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          I wonder if they start penalizing US Business a huge amount (something like $500K) for each illegals alien on their employee roster, how many illegals would have jobs? That money can then go to border control and USCIS for better service.

          There's always 2 side for this, the illegals themselves and the US Business that hires them.

          Then again, this is probably political suicide in states like California with strong Hispanic influence. Even dubya himself is courting the Hispanic votes.


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            You are another dreamer... How many business penalized with 500k would remain open? Do you think a US business will ever pay that kind of penalty?


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              Then maybe they'll reconsider hiring illegals if what at stake is their own neck. Little fine won't stop these offenders. Why go after the illegals if they will just keep coming back? Cut the source of the problem instead.


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                I totally agree with this part of your msg.

                "As for being so contemptuous of laws as you seem to be, well, law and order is a big part of what makes the US function, and so attractive to immigrants. Laws make sure everyone, including illegal aliens, get a hearing. Laws make sure that taxes are collected to pay for all those benefits and services that illegal aliens consider to be "free", such as education for their children. Perhaps if the country you're from were more concerned about laws, you wouldn't feel the need to be here."


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                  Don't you know that illegals also own businesses and that they hire illegals too? What if many USC would be left with no jobs because of his penalties? Why not legalize somehow all that people? because they are not leaving and the Govt will not deport them


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                    Someone12, and Everyone who is against Granting Permits to Illegal aliens.

                    There is a fine line between enforcing the immigration law and inhumane. Fine the illegal aliens broke the law of the land by entering US illegally.

                    What do you do with them after several years of their living here and building a family and a life and having a job ?

                    If the government sends all the illegal aliens back to their respective country, imagine how much diruptions it will cause the families ? And Imagine all the children that were born to the illegals, they will be citizens by birth,who will take care of them ? You cant send them back, they are citizens.

                    Some people on this board talk out of their immaturity when they say "Kick all the illegals out". Its not as simple as that.


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                      If someone robs a bank, then he has to go to jail. That would mean that a wife will lose her husband and kids will lose their dad. It would also mean that that family will have less income (the father can not keep working or "getting money against the law). You can not use the "disturbances of the family" as an excuse to forgive criminales.

                      And paying a fine is not the solution. If you say "give me 10,000 and I will give you a GC", do you have any idea of how many millions of people around the world would pay you that amount? They are already paying that sum to smuggle the border. Fine is a good punishment for minor crimes. The purpose of the punishment (fine, prision, community service, death row) is to discourage crimes. If you start telling the people: "come to the US illegally, stay a couple years, work without authorization, use someone else's SS or identity, break the laws and then pay and fine and you will receive your GC", you know what is going to happen? CHAOS. Nobody will will wait in their countries for their family/emplyment based visas.

                      If people came illegaly, for whatever reasons, they have to face the consequences of their actions. It's hard but they chose that. If a man gets shot while robbing a bank, it's his fault only. He was the one who led this family to the suffering. Even if he was poor, nobody "forced" him to rob the bank, IT WAS HIS DECISION.


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                        Pretty much agree with someone12 post above (except for the inhumane part). Since when does rewarding a criminal act the norm in this country?
                        The govt did one with the LIFE act a few years back. A lot of good it does to stem illegals movement.

                        As for Aguila's, you will never please anybody, but something need to be done, and rewarding the illegals will do nothing but to encourage more illegals to cross the border in hope thats one day the "legalization" will happen to them also.


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                          Melanie--You claim other countries such as Poland "solve" their illegal immigration problems by giving amnesties. First, how many people are trying to get into Poland? Actually, Poles are one of the larger groups of illegal aliens coming to the US.

                          Secondly, we tried amnesty in 1986. That experience proved amnesties are not a solution to illegal immigration. Instead of 2.7 million or so illegal aliens, we now have 4-5 times that many, plus the millions of poor, uneducated immigrants who have been sponsored by those amnestied in 1986, and who are now clogging the immigration system and ending up in our overcrowded schools and on welfare roles.

                          As for an earlier comment (perhaps yours), on calling "racists" people who single out Mexicans for discussion of illegal immigration--then Vicente Fox and George W. Bush are racists, for they're the ones who keep pushing for amnesties for illegal aliens from Mexico. I have yet to see or hear about such concerted and public efforts on behalf of Pakistanis or Poles. Any "racism" is in the framing of amnesty proposals, and claims by Bush etc. that Mexicans in particular deserve amnesty because they are "hard-working" and have "family values"--a description which applies to the millions from various countries waiting to come legally.


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                            I came here on L1 work visa but my employer did not have any work for me.
                            My friend had a visit visa but the second time when he arrive at the airport he was admitted only for 1 month not 6 months although he was a senior. He overstayed because he was afraid that the third time he will not be admitted again.
                            If I had a CHOICE to leave USA without a 10 years ban I would do it without hesitation.
                            The 10 years ban forces me to stay here forever until you catch me.
                            I am not afraid to be caught because you will hurt mainly my two US citizen children who would be deported with me and if you do it to them I will raise them in the hate against the United States.


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                              Illegal immigration affects not only USA or Western Europe but even my country of birth from where I excaped or other third world countries. But in all countries all over the world there is always a way to get legal except USA.

                              Second of all not all illegal aliens came here uninspected, some of them overstayed and overstaying is allawed during Adjustment of Status.

                              In my opinion those invited here by Americans or those inspected who have any family links should be allowed to stay here legally if they can support themselves even if their only crime was an overstaying a visa. Each illegal case can not be treated the same as sneaking through the border uninspected. Currently I am subject to the same sanctions as somebody who crossed the border uninspected. This is not fair. I raise future US citizens and I was invited by American business to work in US.


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                                In Nazi Germany it was illegal to harbor a Jew.
                                Those who harbored a Jew had no respect to German laws!


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