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Happy New Year & more visas for illegals

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  • Happy New Year & more visas for illegals

    Happy New Year!
    I wish Americans could give some type of work visas for all illegals who have been working in this country for a long time and have family here.

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    Happy New Year!
    I wish Americans could give some type of work visas for all illegals who have been working in this country for a long time and have family here.


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      Happy New Year!
      I wish Americans could come up this year 2004 with some type of work visas for all illegals who have been working in this country for a long time and who have USC family here.


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        What ever happened with your jury duty? Did you fill in the form and send it back saying that you were not a USC? Was there any further investigation of you and your illegal status?


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          Everyone - do not reply to "SOMEONE 12". He is racist! Obviously he's had a troubled past - must have been abused by an uncle


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            Laws, Laws, Laws, you sound like a recurring decimal. Did Jeffrey Dahmer, Tim McVeigh and many others obeyed GOD's law (the ultimate law) on not to KILL.

            I am just quoting from rightous Americans calling people Illegal "Aliens". I never started it.

            Someone 12, go read your Bible!


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              someone 12 - you are blaspheming! That is exactly what the devil said to Eve, that man does not need God to direct their lives - see what happened to her!

              I see you don't really understand the Bible - shakespearian language, I'm sorry!


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                You are to believe the Bible and adhere to it's Laws - everyone should. Jesus shed his blood for us- God's only son.

                What are you saying? Be ease!


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                  "giving away work visas to illegals would be jsut rewarding law breakers,"

                  How so?? Paying a fine is a reward??

                  "Perhaps next you (Melanie)believe we should give sacks of money to bank robbers, new cars to auto thieves and free DVD players to burglars?"

                  Cute, but idiotic logic.


                  "Please explain why it is considered (by you and a few other uninformed folks) "racism" to believe that people should obey our laws and expect penalties if they don't........and what justifies their violation of our laws.....based on what???"

                  That isn't why I would label somebody a racist. There are also people on this board who only mention Hispanics and Mexico when talking about illegal immigrants. Visa overstayers account for 40-50% of our issue, yet they are rarely mentioned. (Again, I'm not speaking of you) Why do they conveniently forget them?? They obviously have an agenda with Hispanics.......
                  Visa overstayers and those who commit fraud are violators of federal law, and no better than those who cross our southern border. Laws are laws. Yet, they get a pass by many........


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                    This was my first summons and I had the right to defer my Jury duty for 6 months. I wrote them a letter saying that I am not USC but they will probably a proof. Icannot obviously give them a copy of my current visa.


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                      For many of aliens staying in US is illegaly is more attractive than being legally in their homeland. We risk and work hard. We pay enough penalty for being out of status. We simply have no other choice and you Americans do not give us any choice to adjust our status.
                      Amnesties always occur in every country: Canada, UK, France and even in poor countries like Russia and Poland.
                      Only Americans resist not only amnesty but any workaround problem of people seeking better life in US.


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                        I have no choice because it does not pay for me to go back to my country of birth - you have to catch me.
                        I have to take care about my USC children and the best and the only way to do so is continue to work in US illegally.
                        You Americans break your own immigration laws and this is fine as long you finacially benifit from illegal employment.
                        50% of American economy is gray market and the prices in US are lower than in Europeor Japan just because you hire illegal and cheap labor.


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                          Your legislators will kick your dirty *** Someone12. Most Republicans & Democrats support the presidents programme and granting work and resident rights for hard working illegal force.
                          America can only benifit from work (legal or illegal).
                          America looses when supporting lazy Americans with unemployment benifits!
                          Go to work!


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                            "I will continue to lobby my legislators to find all illegals and send them packing ..."

                            HAHAHAHA, more comedy! Let me know when that happens ok?? That is of course if you and I haven't died of old age!! Also, let me know when you find that 3 legged ballerina...

                            "I have already engineered a campaign with friends and we have met with some congressional representatives already to discuss people like you."

                            And many others have done the same for people like you!!

                            In any case, just let me know when and how I'll be seeing any massive deportations.
                            Anything short of that won't do diddly squat for those here.......


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                              i think we should open up the borders and allow everyone on the planet to enter here.

                              If the liberals and the hippies have their way -- that's pretty much what's going to happen. We'll look like another Canada.

                              -= nav =-


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