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anyone know anything about background checks ??

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  • anyone know anything about background checks ??

    does anyone know when they do a background check do they check your background in the USA or in the country your from?? if you have not been here too long you dont have a background here?

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    does anyone know when they do a background check do they check your background in the USA or in the country your from?? if you have not been here too long you dont have a background here?


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      They probably just check into public records from your home country and here. I wouldn't be too concerned unless you've comited serious crimes or been part of extremest religious or political groups that are expressly anti-American.


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        deport illegal aliens


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          Hello, Can anyone tell me what the paper that INS gives when he or she inform you that the additional background check is needed for the adjustment of status? It's typically given to you after the interview. Please help. Thanks.


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            According to my info, 65% of the applicants have their background/name/fingerprints checks are already done at the time of their interview ...
            Rest of the ppl are told, at the time of their interview (if INS officer approves) that wait and INS will inform you as soon as they have your checks in. Then you can go and have your passport stamped.
            If you have an interview coming up in near future, maybe its wise to pay a visit to your local office ask them questions about all this stuff.


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              my aos interview is scheduled for end of you think i can make an appointment and check if all the checks are in? would they tell you that?

              Also, can i go there and ask if there is any cancelled interview schedule and move my interview to that date?


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                Definately andy ... i do not know about if you could move your interview 's date but its smart to inquire about all your checks that whether they are in or not. If they say that its not in then you can ask them that when was request sent to FBI or whatever.
                Remember that you can inquire about your name/background checks from FBI directly via e-mail or Fax.
                If i knew all this stuff (bureaucratic BS), i would 've started asking or inquiring about all these questions long before my interview call. Its all about being aggressive and not just taking whatever they tell you. But i was under the impression that 2 years (almost) is enough for BCIS to get all this work done.

                Just IMHO


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                  I don't remember the AOS process but as I only lived 20 mins away from my local USCIS office, I went down to ask them(via Infopass) every 2 weeks for an update on my background checks for my N-400 application. Once all the checks were cleared, I was able to ask if they had cancellation dates and they gave me one. I can't imagine it being any different with the AOS, you should keep going down to your USCIS office regularly to check on the status of the background checks so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to get a cancellation date...good luck


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                    Hi Paddy,
                    Couple of questions, if you don 't mind.

                    Does the procedure for name check, for AOS and for N-400 is same???
                    Every two weeks through info pass!!!! What questions did you ask or better yet, what answers did they give you besides their favorite answer of all time PENDING. Did you ask some different everytime you go.
                    The reason is i did it 3 times already (exactly every 2 weeks) but the pleasant ladies at BCIS just tell me these words ... PENDING, WE DON 'T KNOW HOW LONG, ITS TOO EARLY TO TELL, WE WILL NOTIFY YOU. Can i be more specific and ask them something different or something different way???


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                      It's within the US. Other countries are no under no obligation to supply any information to the US. Especially for trivial "is this a nice guy" requests.

                      -= nav =-


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                        Paddy, do you ask if your name and background check cleared?

                        My interview is exactly 16 months after the fingerprint suk cause i know fp last only 15 months..

                        so if i can't move my interview date early, i'll to wait for another fp date and wait much longer?


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                          I know all about it.

                          If you need assistance please email me privately, at:



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                            You will have a "background" as soon as you have credit in your name, a lease on an apartment, etc. However, this doesn't mean that anyone can find out anything they want about you. There aren't many standards governing this industry, and anyone looking into your background, even the government, will most likely not find everything there is to find. I have some more info on my blog at


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                              Contact me privately:


                              For a fee of ( agreed upon sum ) , payable in cash to "I know everything at epiclaughter dot net" I will advise you on any question.


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