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  • Immigration to Canada

    Hi, everyone,

    I have a couple of questions to immigrate to canada based on skilled worker category. Can you guys give me some advice or share your experience with me? Following are my questions?

    1. If I filled my application in US, how long will it take to get appoved?
    2. Does anyone know about the job marketing in Canada?
    3. Since I was laid off recently, my visa status is out of status. Does Canada immigration officer care about my visa status in US?

    Any comments will be highly appreaciated.

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    a) No more than 8 months
    b) Nowadays, same as USA.
    c) No NOT All.


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      Hi, AnImmigrant,

      Thank you for your reply. i am wondering if your answer is the very updated information. I just heard about something regarding the long processing time and strict standard check. Because a lot of hi-tech alien worker got laid off curently, the Canada Goverment got more immigration applicant. They will be very picky than ever. Do you guys have some ideas about that?


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        checkthis site:

        I have seen that they have timeline like this
        -jan -- send app
        -mar --recieved file number
        -aug --waived interview, medical
        -aug --submit medical
        -dec --landing papers/approved

        looks like about a year.

        hope this helps.

        good luck & God bless


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          Hi, does anyone know if they're strict about the points? I have 71 points, 4 points short. Since the interview officer has the discretion in making the decision, do I stand a chance?


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            we applied for immigratin to canada . i rememebered yr questions- if u were to enrole in afrench class and send them yr enrolment cert that wld get u some more points also if u have friend or reletive in canada who can give u letter stating that they wld help u settle there . also a job offer from there wld also add morre points BEST OF LUCK


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              If I want to take my mother who is a national of another country to Canada, how soon after I get my papers approved can I get to bring her over. so in dec when I get my landing papers, then how long after can I bring her.


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                I took French for 2 years in high school (7, 8 years ago..). Does that count?


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