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What are the Benefits of REGISTERATION to YOU? - NONE!! DO NOT REGISTER!!

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    RE: difference of being married to LPR as opposed to USC, remember, I am NO EXPERT! MOHAN AND UMESH KNOW HOW IT ALL WORKS!


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      i filed in 2001 and i do have proof of my file being in process from the ins in vermont and i also have a reciept number where i can use that to check the status online ... and you said for me to check if i can refile ?

      i didn't understand that ? and if you sent in your i130 last week or something . it will take them atleast 2 months to send you a NOA notice of action . because thats how long it took me

      plus if youre married to a LPR or a USC ?


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        no need to re-file if you have proof! i takes longer for spouse of LPR than spouse of USC!! there are so many visa's a year allocated for this. how long is the wait? i am no expert, this is just my understanding. post a message to MOHAN OR UMESH! EXPLAIN WHOLE SITUATION,TY


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          the wait for LPR for answer for i130 is atleast 3 years or there and half years

          the wait for USC for i130 is 8 months depending on where you send it to . if you send it to vermont and youre married to a USC its most likely 8 months

          but again if youre married to LPR its 3 to 4 years

          also ... in youre case u will get the first
          NOA in 2 months


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            Yes, Don't go for registration, if u want to the benefits of being out of status/ illegal. U will lose more than what u gain.


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              What the f--- do you mean, abc?


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                U.S. VISIT System Replaces Special Registration

                The Special Registration program is officially over.

                DHS Announces New 'U.S. VISIT System' for Travelers as the Department Marks Its First 100 Days

                U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                Office of the Press Secretary
                April 29, 2003
                For Immediate Release

                Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced the launch of the new U.S. VISIT system as he discussed the Department's first 100 days. In a speech in Washington, the Secretary outlined the Department's plan to create a new entry-exit system backed by 21st century technology. The U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indication Technology system (U.S. VISIT) is designed to make entering the U.S. easier for legitimate tourists, students and business travelers, while making it more difficult to enter the U.S. illegally through the implementation of biometrically authenticated documents.

                Drawing heavily on developing technologies and scientific capabilities, the system will utilize a minimum of two biometric identifiers, such as photographs, fingerprints or iris scans, to build an electronic check in/check out system for people coming to the U.S. to work, study or visit. The U.S. VISIT system will replace the currently existing NSEERS program, integrate the SEVIS program, and encompass the Congressional requirements of the automated entry exit system.

                The U.S. VISIT System is a critical new border security and enforcement tool that will capture point of entry and exit information on visitors. The system will be in its first phase of operation at international air and sea ports of entry by the end of 2003.



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