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    Most immigrants would not go back to their countries (even if they are leading a relatively poor life here) because their own countries are either very poor or totalitarian/undeveloped countries.


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        Legally, illegally,America's not worth.


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          I think it's not worth even for 99% of Americans,they just don't have where to go


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            Exactly: I have noticed that Americans understand they live in a damned country, but they cannot do anything to change it, so they remain mute when they notice injustices. After all, they're born here, this is their place, everywhere else they'd be guests, it's not like us who have a choice and go back to our countries if America disappoints us.


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              Power and wealth has gone away from ordinary people and is now in the hands of the very few, and the few are using that power and wealth to enrich themselves, ignoring the needs of the vast majority of working people. That is why so few Americans vote in elections - because they no longer feel that their government works for them, but rather, for the interests of the wealthy and the powerful. Elections in America are a scam, they are entirely dominated by big money. Both, Democratic and Republican parties are the representatives of big businesses whose lobbyists buy their votes for the highest price.

              Under the present election system US citizens do not have the freedom to make a real choice of political leadership. In this exploitative society single-seat elections tend to create two dominant parties in order to impress upon the exploited. The illusion of choice at the ballot box. The lesser of two evils has become the formula that Americans employ to elect their servants. Americans vote in such small numbers not just because they are apathetic, but also because the concerns of the public are never articulated by the politicians. So, voters are sick of having the so-called freedom to elect the lesser of two evils , and no other alternative exists.

              There also is the financial aspect of the elections. Money not only talks in America, it rules. The candidate with the most money wins. Money buys elections. Politicians get money from big businesses, which demands in return a politician's allegiance to corporate status quo interests. Any change is impossible as long as politicians are responsible of private instead of public interests. The act of voting is worse than useless if business elites decide who will run and who will win. This is precisely why wealthy Americans vote and the poor do not. The wealthy are capable of affecting election outcomes with the money they spend to buy politicians.

              Only 38% of the qualified US citizens voted in 1994 election, and only 52% of those who voted, a mere 12% of those eligible to vote, voted for Republican candidates. Now Republican Party claims to have won a mandate for massive change. With that so-called mandate , the Republicans in US Congress are now making legislation which, if enacted, would cause intense pain and suffering for tens of millions of Americans. At a time when the gap between the rich and poor is growing wider and wider, when the United States already has the most unequal distribution of wealth in the industrialized world, when at least 5 million American children go hungry, the mean-spirited Republicans proposes lowering taxes on the wealthy and cutting back severely on programs needed by the poor, the elderly, and especially children. There is no doubt that the Republican Party of the United States is the single worst and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world today. But, on the other hand, if Republicans openly represent evil, Democrats represent slick hypocrisy. And well-established republicrat monopoly of power keeps status quo for this system, based on oppression, exploitation and fundamental injustice.

              However it may be, Americans have only themselves to blame for what they now have. When only 30 or so percent of eligible voters nationwide bother to vote, it enables a motivated minority of as little as 20 percent of the country s population to set the agenda. It means that small percentage of mean-spirited people can unleash the disaster, which is now being called the "republican revolution"... It seems that Americans are fundamentally passive and unrevolutionary citizens. So many people here simply prefer to stick their heads in the sand. Too few Americans think in terms of class structure. But they should. It s their life and the life of the society in which they live. How to free the slave who believes his chains to be part of the natural order...


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                Keep in mind that many experts consider county and local jails to be more likely places for rapes than prisons. There is a reason for this. You are more likely to be raped while in prison if:

                - You are young.
                - You come from a middle-class background.
                - You are white.
                - You are not street smart or have no gang affiliations.
                - Physically you are of small stature.

                By the time repeat or career criminals get to prison they have normally made the circuit through foster homes, juvenile lockups and reform schools where rape is very common. So by the time they actually make it to the big time they are well schooled in this fact of prison life and quite often they are the attackers not the attackees.

                Do not think that rape will only happen in prison. If you have to go to county jail prior to your trial and while awaiting transfer to prison, a sexual attack is very likely to occur there. This can all depend on the area you live in. If you are in a rural area with a small jail, of course the chances will drop. But if you are in a metro area, Los Angeles County, New York's Rikers Island, Miami's Dade, and Chicago's Cook being among the worst, your chances of being raped are going to skyrocket.



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                  I am sorry for the incorrect link to the above article, it is:



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                    Locked up in Leon County Jail in Tallahassee, Florida's capital of course, is a man about 35 named Angel. (For fear of retaliation, his family and friends don't want his last name used.) Angel is a refugee from Cuba and a successful Miami businessman waiting trial for almost a year for a white collar crime. Partly because he and his family have a poor command of English, lawyers extorted many thousands of dollars from them and left them at the mercy of a public defender who like most is either overworked or uncaring. Angel is literally tall, dark and handsome. He is a genteel businessman and no brawler as the charges against him prove and I can attest to since I visited him Oct. 3 and 4, 2001. He is one of the overwhelming majority of non-violent prisoners deliberately mixed in with a small number of deeply emotionally disturbed, violent prisoners as well as a minority of dehumanized, mean-spirited guards.

                    Corrections officers cite many reasons such as overcrowding for mixing known violent prisoners with non-violent offenders. Prison reformers charge guards deliberately set prisoners against each other -- often by race -- to keep prisoners fighting each other instead of themselves. Until a few decades ago in some US prisons, the most vicious prisoners were deputized as guards. And more recently reports of "gladiator fights" --setup by guards as entertainment -- have been coming from prisons most notably Corcoran in California. Last Feb. 22, Angel was raped by two much larger, stronger prisoners. And he hasn't even been tried yet for his alleged crime. So much for a speedy trial guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Another of his civil rights violated by Florida's criminal justice system is the 8th Amendment to the Constitution forbidding "cruel and unusual punishment." So where were Angel's guards while he was being beaten to a bloody mess and viciously sodomized. At all other times, at least one guard would be on his back, making life for him as miserable as possible which far too many corrections officers mistakenly think is their duty.

                    As if all this isn't bad enough, weighing heavily on Angel's mind and spirit which he struggled to tell me in poor English is his knowledge that if he is sent to prison, guards and other prisoners will quickly learn that he was "turned out" --prison parlance for raped -- and he will be victimized again and again. This is no paranoid fantasy of Angel's. Once raped, a prisoner often becomes sexually enslaved to a dominant prisoner.
                    The only options for the victim is suicide, escape, murder or daily beatings and gang rapes. Doesn't this violate another amendment to the Constitution, the 13th forbidding slavery? In a Texas prison, Kerry Money murdered his rapist. Shortly before his trial in September 2001, he hanged himself in his cell. So how is Florida's criminal justice system helping Angel now that it has become sensitized to prisoner rape? (1) He is in solitary confinement in a medical facility. This is a jail within a jail where the prisoner has fewer amenities than the rest of the jail population including Angel's two rapists.

                    While his rapists have access to books and magazines and can watch TV and play cards, Angel languishes in a cell alone with perhaps a bible. (2) Angel hasn't had exercise or been out doors for months and his cell is kept brightly lit all night which makes it difficult for him to sleep. Despite not threatening harm to himself, he is on suicide watch and it has been made very clear to him he better not display too much depression or he will spend days and nights strapped into a chair. Angel is a "troublemaker" to Leon County Jail officials. His advocate, Cassandra Collins, is also mistreated for trying to help him. Angel is receiving extra punishment for not being able to beat off his rapists and for the audacity of reporting his rape. He's made his jailers appear at the very least negligent. And this is just the beginning of his time in hell. Again, if you missed it, Angel is being doubly punished even
                    before being tried.

                    In November 2001, the first of Angel's rapists went to trial and was found guilty. (He will be sentenced in January.) Cassandra Collins reports Angel was calm on the witness stand but later broke down and with good reason. Angel went to pieces yelling for help when after trial he was locked in a holding cell with--of all people--his rapist who is now facing more time behind bars because of Angel's testimony. To make matters even worse for Angel, later that evening the correctional officer, who was on duty when this confrontation occurred, threatened Angel with pepper spray and worse if he ever yelled at him again as he did earlier when locked in with his rapist. Angel feels he's been raped twice, he told me. He was raped by the two brutal prisoners and again by the Florida criminal justice system that is ignoring the brand new legislation that wouldn't even be necessary if the US Constitution was enforced. But like elsewhere in the US, with enough money Angel could buy his freedom or at least buy protection from sadistic prisoners and guards.


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                      DO NOT REGISTER!


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                        Oh yeah, nice treat in Chicago!


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                          Do not register!


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                            Who said we will?


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                              You are a moron!


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                                Horrible testimonies here...


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