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What are the Benefits of REGISTERATION to YOU? - NONE!! DO NOT REGISTER!!

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    A citizen of Canada, who was born in Iran (his family left when he was barely one year old) thought he didn't have to register because of his Canadian citizenship and because he had been told that the local INS office had been turning Canadian citizens away instead of registering them. He is on H-1B status (a visa status for professionals). However, on the day after the deadline he decided that perhaps he ought to check for himself, and went to the San Jose INS office. He was taken into custody for registering late, and sent by bus to San Diego for detention.

    A Sudanese national who had been granted Temporary Protected Status (which allows persons from certain countries, such as Sudan, that are undergoing internal strife to remain legally in the U.S.) went into the INS on 12/19--past the 12/16 deadline--to register. He had been afraid to register, but his U.S. citizen brother convinced him to do so. He was taken into custody.

    An individual who is married to a U.S. citizen, and whose permanent residence application has been awaiting INS action, was detained. The citizen spouse was accused by an examiner of marriage fraud without the attorney being present, even though there was an entry of representation on file.

    A Norwegian citizen, born in Iran, who is awaiting INS action on his application for permanent residence, was taken into custody after special registration and told he'd be deported in 2 days, even though the interview on his permanent residence application was scheduled for January. INS maintains that it can immediately deport him without a hearing because he entered under the visa waiver program. He is detained in San Pedro, in segregation, in a wheel chair, because he has a bad back.

    An Iranian-born naturalized Danish citizen with a US citizen mother, and an approved petition for permanent residence, was detained and denied bond. He will be eligible to make the final application for permanent residence in January, but has been informed that he will be summarily removed without hearing because he entered under the Visa Waiver Program.

    Another individual was detained even though he is totally, and has always been, in status. Apparently the INS computer showed that his employer revoked the H-1B petition, which was news to the individual, as he continues to be employed by the petitioner on his H-1B and the employer has filed a labor certification application on his behalf.

    An individual from Tunisia who has been struggling through a morass of paperwork (complicated by the fact that INS has taken many months to process the paperwork) ultimately had an extension application denied because he was unable to keep up with the paperwork. He was finally able to apply for permanent residence in May 2002. When he went to register, he was taken in to custody and is being written up for removal proceedings.

    An individual who is eligible for V status (a status based on marriage to a U.S. permanent resident) and awaiting INS action on his application was placed in removal proceedings when he went to register.

    An individual awaiting INS action on his application for permanent residence based on employment sponsorship was taken into custody in Minnesota when he reported for Special Registration. He was handcuffed and separated from his attorney. He arrived at 8 a.m. and, after threats of bonds being set at $10,000, was released on his own recognizance at 5:00. He was denied access to his attorney for all but 20 minutes during the day.

    A French citizen (but Lebanese national) who entered under visa waiver was arrested. Even though he is awaiting INS action on a permanent residence application pursuant to a valid marriage, no bond was set because "he has no relief."

    A Moroccan citizen was taken into custody at his Special Registration interview in spite of having work authorization based on an employment-based application for permanent residence pending with INS. He brought with him the original receipt notice for his application, his valid work authorization card, passport, lease, and proof of current employment. He was eventually released, but has been told that he will be put into removal proceedings.


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      American Immigration Lawyers Association

      January 9, 2003

      Judith Golub (202) 216-2403
      Charlie Miller (202) 466-2080
      Dane VandenBerg (202) 466-7246

      Immigration Special Registration Must Be Repealed,
      Say Immigration Lawyers on Eve of Second Round of Deadlines

      Substantial Problems Jeopardize, Rather Than Protect, National Security

      Executive Director, American Immigration Lawyers Association

      The "special registration" program that the U.S. Government has put into place is a misguided attempt to increase our nation's security. The American people deserve better than this false solution to a very real problem. Our nation will not be made more secure by requiring innocent immigrants to report to INS offices to "register", only to find themselves subject to arbitrary arrest, detention, abuse and possible deportation.

      We urge the Department of Justice/Immigration and Naturalization Service to spend their limited resources in more effective and sensible ways. Programs to enhance our nation's security should target terrorists, not innocent people.

      The "special registration" program is fundamentally flawed. The program substitutes national origin/racial/religious profiling for effective law enforcement profiling based on intelligence information.

      The program is also deeply flawed in its implementation. The INS has used special registration to detain people who are on the path to permanent residency. Hundreds of arrests have resulted. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has not given the INS the necessary staff, resources and guidance to implement the program. As a result, dozens of people attempting to comply with the law have been turned away and told to come back at a future time. Finally, even though the INS has not effectively educated the public about the program, those who reported "late" after hearing about the program through news reports, friends and lawyers, have been detained and told that they are being punished for reporting after the deadline.

      We call on President Bush to end this misguided program. At the very least, existing deadlines must be extended so that implementation problems can be addressed and corrected. Necessary corrections include:

      Special registration (or other future programs) should not detain or deport people who have a claim to legal status. It makes no sense from security or economic perspectives to target people who eventually will be granted lawful status. These people have applications pending for lawful permanent status, have been issued employment authorization documents, or are otherwise are eligible for lawful status. They are technically and temporary "out of status" due to INS delays and inefficiencies.

      The DOJ/INS must adequately publicize program requirements, initiate effective outreach programs, and not penalize those who did not register because they did not know about the program. The DOJ/INS needs to do a better job of effectively disseminating information and take responsibility for inadequately publicizing this program and its requirements. The DOJ/INS needs to grant waivers for those who did not register for the program because they had no knowledge of it or because of the fear created by the mass arrests of registrants in some offices.

      The DOJ/INS must implement uniform procedures in their district offices that make sense. Because the DOJ/INS has provided insufficient guidance to district offices, these offices have used their discretion to adopt widely disparate procedures to implement special registration. Such disparities should end, replaced by uniform procedures that make sense.

      The DOJ/INS needs to clarify registration requirements. The registration requirements are unclear. The result has been that some people are being turned away from registration centers while others are unsure if they are required to register. The lack of meaningful outreach to the affected communities makes this problem even worse.

      The DOJ/INS must take steps to guard against another potential trap for innocent visitors. A little-publicized rule in special registration requires those who have been registered to report to Departure Control each time they leave the U.S. Few registrants are given clear information about this rule, but if they fail to follow it correctly, they will be forever barred from returning to the U.S.

      # # #

      ABOUT SPECIAL REGISTRATION January 10th is the second deadline of the "special registration call-in" program. At that time, non-immigrant men from thirteen countries must register to be fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed. Men born on or before December 2, 1986 who entered the country before September 30, 2002 from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are required to register.

      The first deadline was December 16, 2002 for certain men from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and Libya. The next deadline is February 21, 2003 for certain men from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


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        At this point the gradual and mounting campaign against the Jews was prepared for the achievement of its ultimate violent ends. The German people had been indoctrinated, and the seeds of hatred had been sown. The German state was armed and prepared for conquest. The force of world opinion could now safely be ignored. Already the Nazi conspirators had forced out of Germany 200,000 of its former 500,000 Jews. The Nazi-controlled German state was therefore emboldened, and Hitler in anticipation of the aggressive wars already planned cast about for a provocation.

        In his speech before the Reichstag on 30 January 1939, Hitler declared:

        "If the international Jewish financiers within and without Europe succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the world and the victory of Jewry, but the obliteration of the Jewish race in Europe." (2663-PS)

        The chief editor of the official organ of the SS, the "Schwarze Korps," expressed similar sentiments on 8 August 1940:

        "Just as the Jewish question will be solved for Germany only when the last Jew has been deported, so the rest of Europe should also realize that the German peace which awaits it must be a peace without Jews." (2668-PS)

        Other officials of the Party and State voiced the same views. Rosenberg wrote for the publication "World Struggle," which in the April and September 1941 issues declared:

        "The Jewish question will be solved for Europe only when the last Jew has left the European continent." (2665-PS)

        Hans Frank entered this apologetic note in his diary:

        "Of course, I could not eliminate all lice and Jews in only a year's time. But in the course of time, and above all, if you will help me, this end will be attained." (2233-C-PS)

        A. Registration.

        The first step in accomplishing the purpose of the Nazi Party and the Nazi-dominated state, to eliminate the Jew, was to require a complete registration of all Jews. Inasmuch as the anti-Jewish policy was linked with the program of German aggression, such registration was required not only within the Reich, but successively within the conquered territories. For example, registration was required, by decree, within Germany (Reichsgesetzblatt Part I, 1938, page 922, 23 July, signed by Frick); with-

        [Page 985]

        in Austria (Reichsgesetzblatt, Volume 1, 1940, page 694, 29 April); within Poland (Kurjer Krakowski, 24 October 1939); in France (Journal Official No. 9, page 92, 30 September 1940); in Holland (Verordnungsblatt, No. 16, 10 January 1941, signed by Seyss-Inquart).



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          So what you are saying is that YOU believe the American people are Natzis and Homeland Security is the S.S.?? Is that about right??


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              Muslims are not Jews.


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                Special registration is a Racist Redneck's idea..


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                  DO NOT REGISTER!


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                      I sent 50 e-mails...continue to e-mail to your representatives..


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                        I'd better say go back to your countries: America will go totally nuts in the next 5-10 years...there's no hope left here


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                          America will go nuts if it is driven nuts, and right now the issues of immigration, war and security are complicating and endangering our lives. Like a previous poster said, write to your representatives, whatever your opinion or stance, and let them know what needs to be done - they need to listen to us, the average person, and not their advisors. We are the ones living in the trenches, so to speak, and we need to remind our elected officials that things must change. There is hope in America, and an enormous amount of potential, but only if everyone speaks out and we work together for change. I sent another email message to about 25 state and local representatives this past weekend. If we all do it, there will be even more hope, and we can continue to work to improve things.


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                            I know quite a few people who has said that word to America and gone back to their countries


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                              You're right, it's not that easy, but we have to remember the basis for their presence. Just who is responsible for these folks who have made these attachments here? The people who chose to come here. Why are Americans being blamed for the decisions of others? If you are not supposed to be here, don't come, or leave, and come back when you have valid documentation. I'm tired of hearing that people hate the laws and come here anyway for a better life, then complain about the life they've established. This is an issue of individual responsibility - no one forced them to come here, and once they're here, they have to be independent and responsible for their lives, and if that means facing legal consequences for their choices, should they be exempt? If I drive drunk and get caught, I get in trouble. If you sell drugs and get caught, you will face consequences. Why are the undocumented illegals different?


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                                To as they once were, Additudes like yours are why Americans are ready to put a stop to immigration for a while. I bet the FBI would be interested in your posts. Don't you think so??


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