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    I was wondering if someone has some advice on the kind of evidence required. For example I do have joint insurance, lease and bank account with my wife. However we do not keep paper work and have the latest statements though. Does BCIS need to see these documents for any number of months or the latest statements will be fine. Also is it ok just to bring letters from the Bank saying me and my wife have had a joint account for such and such a period and have this balance instead of bringing say 3 months or so many months of bank statements or other documents. Please help me so I can gather necessary paper work for my interview in 2 weeks time. Thanks to you all.

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    hi. i don't have answers to your questions but here is a list of things we brought to the interview. hope it's helpful.

    1)Letter stating the date and time of your interview
    2)marriage certificate
    3)documents for tax returns from the pass three years.
    4)copies of all other immigration application(EAD, I130 etc)
    5)utility bills with our names(electricity, water, gas, phone, cable etc)
    6)Valid passports
    7)I-94 arrival card
    8)Birth certificates
    9)Any form of ID (driver's license, Social security card, EAD card, passport, ect...)
    10)Current employment letter stating, salary, period of time you've been working there, since when you've been there
    11)other bills, insurance policies, bank accounts, credit cards, 401 K, health insurances, mortgage, correspondance with both names on it.
    12)wedding pictures, pictures where you are together

    (make copies for EVERYTHING FRONT AND BACK. and have everything in a organized binder or folder.)

    i hope i included everything... we made sure we looked very prepared and luckily, they didn't ask us that many questions.

    Good luck!


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      "make copies for EVERYTHING FRONT AND BACK. and have everything in a organized binder or folder."

      i meant to say, make copies for your future references. but always bring the originals for the interview..

      good luck again.


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        miller EXCELLENT advice. i have retained a copy for my future use . [hopefully ]


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          Thanks Miller for prompt reply. Appreciated.


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            I haven't researched your particular case, byt looking through threads, but I believe that bank statements and utility bills showing the duration of your marriage ARE important.

            If I interpret the evidentiary requirements correctly, what INS/BCIS are trying to decide through this information is that the couple resided and continued a marital association for the period in question. It would appear to me that simple statements (*recent one, that is) does not sufficiently prove that. You may wish to appeal to the bank and see if they can drum up microfiche copies going back to cover the time period in question. FYA. It is always advisable in America to keep documents pertaining to income for a period of 7 years, so that should your tax returns be investigated by the Internal Revenue Service, you would have information to prove you tax if you are not doing so, now would be a good time to begin such a practice.


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              Good one miller. MAke sure to have as many joint documents as possible. HE will ask you one by one where the bona fide documents are. Tax returns are very important. ALso make sure to have a work letter as evidence (for the petitioner). Answer straight to him don't add anything else. One other thing, if you came here on tourist visa and got married, it was unplanned, call it the spur of the moment. Obviously a well decorated church with 100 invitees will not look like the spur of the moment .

              But I will stress on joint documents. Good luck


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                Thank you all again. I came on student visa and was never out of status. I shall let you know of the outcome. Thanks.


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