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  • Bushmaster

    I've been reading the case of Luis Cervantes- Gonzales and you came into my mind. You should be very happy I think you will get your case adjucated, it's just a matter of time. If he was able to adjust his status, yours is a piece of cake. I read that case somewhere and I want you to read it because it has a resemblance to your case but his is even worse. He was already convicted and ordered removed yet he was able to pull it through. Your case is nothing compared to him.This might give you a white christmas! Don't lose hope, always trust Him because sometimes He works mysteriously.Goodluck buddy, GOD loves you!!!

  • #2
    Brownfox, I dont know about that case but thanks for reading and also informing me...

    We just celebrated our first anniversary yesterday, and you know what, being happily married and having a little happy family is much much more important than getting your status adjusted... AOS or citizenship would come oneday, ANYWAY...

    I guess that day when I seemed to think I should give up and leave this country, I was fallen into a trick of Satan... He constantly gives me those "voices" which causes "WORRY" all the time, but now I changed my attitude, as soon as those "voices" start to give me worry again, I say "Everything is possible thru GOD, He helped me once and He will again, I know, I have faith and I believe, He works behind the scenes" I have been reading the scripture since then and I see how GOD worked out my situation. Thanks once more for reminding me...

    I know there is nothing to worry about, there is a judge on our side who also waits to get I-130 approval to terminate the proceedings, and give me the working permit, but it just upsets me seeing INS hasn't done anything yet towards approving the I-130...

    Waiting and having patience...

    Talk to you later, thanks for the message...


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      Congratulations! I hope you guys will be there for each other for a looooong time. It's good to hear that you're always reading the words of God. It will make you stronger spiritually, keep on going , you're in the right track.
      Try to read this:


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        Ooh, that guy's case was messed up... my case is not even comparable, I am in good shape Thank God! Only if they approve this I-130 sometime soon, thats all I want...


        • #5
          You guys are good, God is good, all the time, God is good.

          You are right Bushmaster, satan is always whispering worries because he tends to victimized those who are in God's side, satan hates to see us happy. I am very glad that you are back in a more positive side, February 2003 is near, and God assure you that He will give you your I-130 approval. I remembered my sister was asking me on how I handle all those challenges, and I answered her that those burden are light because Someone is carrying me.

          God bless you and enjoy each blessing that we received every second of the day.


          P.S. To comment on Luis Cervantes, he was denied but he kept fighting


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            Oooops! I think I made a mistake. I jumped to to conclusion right away. I read it again and found out it was not granted but there was a dissenting opinion who wants to adjucate hid case. Sorry Bushmaster, will you please read it again?
            Thanks afriend for giving us some light.


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              Well, it is ok, the cases are way different, as you said, my case is a piece of cake... Just the matter to get the I-130 approved...

              Anyway, thanks for the message, keep in touch...


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                It did not mention how he entered the US, the 245i was not in placed yet. It's a huge deal to INS if someone was not inspected. Also, it was a i-212 waiver, meaning he is in removal proceeding. I believe he got caught, it may mean different to INS if you disclose the information and especially if someone has pending AOS. Like what we always believe in there's a constant hope, there is GOD who understand and hear our plea. Also, there was a recent approval regarding a mother of six from Mexico, INS looked closely on the family ties of the qualifying relatives and also the the immigrant here in the US. They weigh the good factors/ground vs the weight of the offense.

                The good thing about the Luis Cervantes-Gonzales case is this:

                "The applicant must also demonstrate that refusal of his or her admission would result in "extreme hardship" to the qualifying relative. The burden of proving such hardship rest with the alien and is shown by submission of documentary evidence to the INS. What is "extreme hardship" is a difficult
                concept but guidance was given in the case of In Re Luis Cervantes-Gonzalez. In that decision the court set out some of the factor the INS should consider in determining whether an alien has established extreme hardship sufficient to qualify for a waiver. Those factors included:


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