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Air France jet crashes into Atlantic with 228 aboard.

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    What I don't get is, that why if they knew they had problems with the speed monitors a year ago, why did they only start changing them only a few weeks before the accident?
    Surely something like that is vital and should have done it immediately?
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      Remember davdah that at jet altitudes, the temperature is so cold any water vapor is mostly small ice crystals so not a big problem. In a thunderstorm that could be different. Unlike low and slow like we fly at, you're in the weather all the time and ice is bad news.

      Every jet engine has speed senors to determine the power output measured as EPR (Engine Pressure Ratio). Simply put, one sensor at the front of the engine and one at the rear. The pressure differential between one and the other is the engine EPR expressed in % (% Gas turbine in the case of a turboprop).

      These sensors do have their own heat so as not to get iced up as what happened with that AirFlorida crash. Maybe these sensors malfunctioned on the Air France flight which could be why the plane was flying faster or slower than the pilots thought? However, there are 2 engines so the likelihood both failed at the same time would be quite rare. Back to system redundancy again.
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        LE BOURGET, France, July 2, 2009

        Air France Jet Not Destroyed In Air
        Report Says Flight 447 Fell Vertically Into Atlantic Ocean Of Brazilian Coast

        (AP) Last updated 10:02 a.m. EDT

        A French investigator says Air France Flight 447 did not break up in flight but plunged vertically into the Atlantic Ocean.

        Alain Bouillard, leading the investigation into the June 1 crash for the French accident investigation agency BEA, also says life vests found among the wreckage of the plane were not inflated.

        Bouillard also said speed sensors were a factor but were not the cause of the crash.

        He said the sensors, called Pitot tubes, were not the only factor.

        He said "it is an element but not the cause."

        One of the automatic messages emitted by the plane indicates it was receiving incorrect speed information from the external monitoring instruments, which could destabilize the plane's control systems. Experts have suggested those external instruments might have iced over.

        All 228 people aboard the plane were killed when it plunged into the ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

        Bouillard said at a news conference outside Paris on Thursday that the search for the plane's black boxes has been extended by 10 days and will continue through July 10.


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          Every source I read today said it crashed into the ocean belly first. So, no signs it broke up before going down. So sad. Always been my worst nightmare too. I can't think of many worse ways of dying than being conscious and going down in a plane. RIP for all the victims of this horrible tragedy.


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