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How long does it take before I-130 is approved?

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  • How long does it take before I-130 is approved?

    MY USC Husband the I-130 form for me. I have not heard from the INS for two weeks now?

    Can you say what is the proceesing time for approval of I-130?


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    MY USC Husband the I-130 form for me. I have not heard from the INS for two weeks now?

    Can you say what is the proceesing time for approval of I-130?



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      It's going to take a little longer than 2 weeks.

      What service center did you file at?


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        Vermont Service Centre, also when yhou file I-130 what is the next step(s). Also, will I be able to work legally.

        ALso I hear that I might need to prove legitgimate marriage. What do I need apart from civil certificate of marriage.

        Thanks a lot for your replies.


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          You need to file the rest of the paperwork to get a work permit.

          This will help you:

          Vermont right now is working on applications file on: 04/23/02 according to ilw processing times.

          To prove that a marriage is bona fide, they would like to see, bank statments in both your names, lease, mortgate, bills, loans, pictures, letters, whatever you can bring to prove that your marriage is real.


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            Thank you. It really helped. Would it make a difference (in terms of application procedures) if I overstayed for almost 2 yrs prior marrying a USC.



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              No it wouldn't make a differnece, your overstay is "pardonned" or "overlooked". The only way it would make a difference is if it was a J visa or a visa that will not permit you to adjust.



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                What I wonder is; Is it always necessary to support with additional documents. We have lots of documents to prove our bona fide marriage, since we haven't been asked yet. (been 7 months filed in Nebraska SC)


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                  I think you should prepare for anything. Different INS officials have different ways of trying to find out if your marriage is legit or not. Just make sure you know your hubby inside out.

                  Good luck!


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                    Bills and stuff are things that they are going to ask you to bring when you have your interview. Don't send it with your application.

                    You'll be asked for it later.


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                      An I-130 takes an average of about 2 to 2 1/2 years to get approval unless you are going through immigration proceedings then it varies.

                      But if you applied for the I-130 during the 245(1) timeline you will be able to apply for an adjustment of status with just the receipt notice and when you fill out your AOS application you will pay the $130.00 O-I-130 fee and then resubmit it along with everything else and whalaa you will be given a work permit and start towards the path to a green card - Good luck


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                        Maybe you mean the whole AOS process takes about 2 or 2 1/2 years... I am in removal proceedings so what does it mean? It will take much longer? like 3 years? But immigration court doesn't want to wait that long. Pretty sad! I have talked to people whose I-130 Spouse of US citizen petitions approved 4 to 9 months... just that 2 years thing doesn't make sense...


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                          At what am I legally cleared to work in the U.S. Also, I have a son (not my USC husband's) will I need to file a seperate I-130, AOS..... for him?



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                            I filed in 12/2000 and am still awaiting approval. Your right INS doesn't want to wait and the judge at times has gone ahead with deportation in the cases that I have seen here at my job.


                            As soon as you do the AOS you will be given the I-765 work card which you will continue to renew annually until you go through the interview process. Good luck


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                              Thank you Lost Wife, I had no idea this entire filing process was so stressful.


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