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new law school grduate SEEKS books on Immigration Law

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  • new law school grduate SEEKS books on Immigration Law

    I wnat to build up a basic Immigration LAw library, on the cheap (since I am still looking for work).

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    I wnat to build up a basic Immigration LAw library, on the cheap (since I am still looking for work).


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        I would suggest finding a friendly, established immigration lawyer who might be willing to either: (1) let you use their current books/resources (obviating the need for all but the most basic books, like copies of the act and regs.); and/or (2) give (or worst case, sell to you for a cheap price) their older, slightly-out-of-date stuff (along these lines, they may be particularly willing to let you have their old research CD-ROMS; these are great, because they are updated quarterly, so they will have all the latest stuff, and you will be almost as well off, just a few months behind; though you will also need to make sure you have the CD-ROM software installed on your computer, and may need to be aware if there are any software licensing issues to worry about). You can make up the difference on-line (be sure to check out, especially the section on "law resources"; it is excellent, and there is even a "virtual law library" at the Executive Office of Immigration Review (which you can access through the BCIS site) that has pretty decent coverage of recent decisions). While not every colleague will be helpful, on the whole, the immigration bar is a friendly, collegial group, so you might be surprised how often they will respond favorably if you simply ask for help. If you are not sure where to meet such a friendly lawyer, try volunteering for an agency like Catholic Social Services a few hours a week (aside from getting access to their library, which they will be happy to let you peruse given your donation of time, you will meet a lot of other immigration attorneys. Joining the American Immigration Lawyers Association is also a good way to meet other lawyers and gain access to the resources on the AILA members website, although the membership fee might not be in your budget just yet. Finally, if you live near a major university, don't forget about law school libraries; they can be a great resource for someone just starting out, and if you group your research projects, you can accomplish a lot there. Good luck!


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          Try, or the second hand books on, or ebay. All are good resources for cheap textbooks.


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