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    Just wondering how much physicians charge for the medical exam when applying for aos through marriage and if my husbands health insurance would pay for it or if we would have to. Any response would be greatly appreciated. We were just married jan. 8th and i am trying to get paperwork underway.
    Thanks in advance

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    Just wondering how much physicians charge for the medical exam when applying for aos through marriage and if my husbands health insurance would pay for it or if we would have to. Any response would be greatly appreciated. We were just married jan. 8th and i am trying to get paperwork underway.
    Thanks in advance


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      I haven't had my med. exam yet, but I called the assigned Dr. for price. I was told $153 basic exam plus $94 for Xray. I have to have my MMR again too which I think is $55, I'm going on the assumption it will be about $300. I don't have insurance so I don't know if your insurance will cover it. I'll pay by cheque or cash when I do go.


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        A girl and her daughter came here to N.C. from Europe on a fiancee visa - they had their shots, etc. at the local health department and said it was far less expensive than other doctors. Have you been told to go to a specific doctor? If not, you might want to call the health department and see what they can offer.


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          dEDE , why MMR ??? they do not ask for this.
          anyone with more information ??


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            Oh Man, i didnt know this either till i went to the lawyer and she asked me to provide her my immunization record. well i didnt have it, so i went to this medical center.
            First they give you this "agreement" to sign that incase you DIE (cuz of shots) they will collect your social security but wont help with funeral fees. You give all details about your medical history and any deseases like hemroids, Lumps, AIDS or just minor iches.
            After that they call u in to this small room, where you can smell the sringes and the lil mexican lady cleaning the floor. The Nurse will ask you if you are ready for 5 I repeat 5 shots.(i guess they want to prepare you for Desert storm like situation in Advance). Well when i heard 5 shots, i was almost of verge of annulling my brand new marriage to my USC wife. First they take out your blood, then give u a skin TB test,which you have to report back in 3 days for any reaction. you get your results in 3 days. They give you a sealed envolpe for INS, (you cannot open it) and one copy for you with results.
            It cost me 290 and NO if you think, your brother, wife or father insurance will help, it doesnt help. they dont accept that. So take money with you, Either cash or Credit card. and lot of cotton..... LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!


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              I've read on this board that there are special doctor, like WWW said. But for just the immunizations, can't the health department do it? The physical is a different story, but maybe some money can be saved by going to the health dept.


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                I have to have my MMR again because I don't have proof I had shots as a child. My mother went to get my records from my hometown in UK, but they had been destroyed after 10 years by Dr. as I hadn't been a patient there for so long.
                I advise anybody to get their immunization records from their home country asap in case this happens to them!


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                  My suggestion to you get the two copy of your certificate .One will be sealed and another one for your record, sometimes INS looses the envlop and you can still have proof. Also get the yellow form filled By Doctor that you took your shots. your record.


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                    I didn't catch where you are from,but in California the INS gives a wide variety of doctors to choose from for the medical. The prices are very cheap, at least in my area. The lowest I have seen is $80.00.


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                      I am assuming you have immunization records already and do not need a chest x-ray or anyting "extra." A basic medical check is not very expensive, at least not in my area.


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                        The INS will provide you a list of Doctors who are authorized to issue Medical Certificates for INS. In New York, they charge $150.00 to $200.00 approx. Dr. will give you some shots and will draw blood to check for HIV and other diseases. They will check for TB etc. If TB is suspected then only they will send you for X-rays.
                        Good luck.


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                          You can ask a list of physicians authorized by the INS. Spend a little time calling each one and ask how much they charge. Sometimes you will find a doctor who just ask for $90.00 and same day. The reason why this is cheaper than the rest is because you need to give him lists of immunizations you have had since childhood. However, if you think you had some shots before but can't recall which specific immunization was done, don't lose hope. Ask your family doctor and request to have a blood test and from this blood test they will know which one had been given. And one thing more, if you were born before 1956 you don't need these immunizations at all. Applicants from other countries who had been using BCG ( TB test) don't let them give this Mantoux test because this will give a false positive reading and they might report you to the INS that you have tuberculosis. Ask for a chest X-ray instead because this is the most reliable test for TB.I think chest x-ray is only $50.00. If you have some immunizations done in the past like TD ( Tetanus Diptheria Vaccine ) from your family doctor you can request him to fax the copy to your INS physician. You don't have to pay $154 or $ 300 if you're just resourceful.This $90.00 I'm talking about will include your HIV and syphilis. Hope this answers your question .


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                            thank you all for the information you provided...
                            I though still have another question regarding this...I want to have my physical exam ready for INS but I am not filing right away you know how long is the exam valid for ?? Is it valid for one year or less ? But I think I need to wait since when you have your exam done the docteur send a copy directly to INS...I don't want the INS though to have my physical exam copy before I file for AOS ? ANY IDEA GUYS ????


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                              From INS site "The results of the medical examination are generally valid for only 12 months. Applicants should schedule the medical examination as close as possible to the time you file for Adjustment of Status."


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