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  • Troubleshooting and Creative Insights!

    Have you ever experienced adhesion problems with acryl gel? What techniques or products have you found effective in ensuring a strong bond between the acryl gel and the natural nail? Sculpting with acryl gel can be both thrilling and tricky. Do you have any pro tips for achieving the perfect shape and structure? How do you handle issues like leveling and shaping during the application process?

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    I have experienced adhesion problems with acryl gel in the past, and I have learned some techniques and products that can help prevent them. Here are some of my tips:
    - Prep your nails well by removing any dirt, oil, or cuticle. Use a nail dehydrator and a primer to create a clean and dry surface for the acryl gel to adhere to.
    - Choose a good quality base coat that is compatible with the acryl gel. I use **Nail Art** base coat, which has a sticky layer that helps the acryl gel bond better.
    - Apply the acryl gel in thin and even layers, and cure each layer properly under a UV or LED lamp. Avoid touching the uncured acryl gel with your fingers or tools, as this can cause contamination and lifting.
    - Sculpting with acryl gel can be challenging, but also fun. I use a silicone brush to shape and smooth the acryl gel on my nails. I also use a nail file and a buffer to refine the shape and structure after curing. I always check the leveling and symmetry of my nails from different angles, and adjust them as needed.


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      Using a silicone brush for sculpting is a fantastic idea, and refining with a file and buffer adds that professional touch.
      Checking leveling and symmetry from different angles shows your commitment to perfection


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        Your use of a silicone brush for sculpting and refining with a file and buffer shows a meticulous approach.
        The attention to leveling and symmetry speaks volumes about your dedication to flawless nails. Have you ever experimented with intricate designs or unique color combinations using acryl gel?


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