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  • I-360 VAWA SCAM

    I need some advice on an embarrassing and horrible situation with my immigrant wife born in the Dominican Republic. I am a scout for professional baseball players, and many might know that the Dominican Republic is a hotbed for MLB (Major League Baseball) talent. I befriended a minor league baseball player here in the USA, and he is originally from the Dominican Republic. After getting to know him for sometime he welcomed me to his country in December of 2006 on a baseball scouting trip. When I arrived, he also surprised me and offered up a (claimed to be) longtime childhood best friend (young woman) that was interested in meeting me. I wasn't really interested in meeting a woman in the DR however; he convinced me that she was the perfect woman for me. Beautiful, smart, very humble, from the 'campo' (which in Spanish means, from the country (as opposed to the 'City') and had good wholesome country values.
    Long story short, she took my breath away with her kindness, great family, and of course her willingness to please me like I was the most handsome man she had ever met in her whole life. In 2006 when I met her, I was 33 and she was 23. She tricked me into marrying her and then submitting the paperwork to bring her to this country on a marriage visa (along with her blood child of 7 years old - not mine). We were married 02/16/07, but she didn't get her K3 and her sons K4 visa to enter the country until 10/11/07. They arrived here on 10/12/07. Marriage was good (even though there were 'Red Flags' of marriage fraud that I neglected to observe - of course until now). But in general her overall personality to me was decent UNTIL she was getting nervous about me ever filing the I-486 and I-765 paperwork to adjust status for both her and her son. She insisted on going back to the Dominican Republic to visit family twice (August '08 & again just this past Christmas/New Year '08/'09). Both vacations were for two weeks at a time, and quite costly as my children (American whom I have custody of) also joined us on the vacations. I explained to her, because of the very expensive vacations she demanded (both two week vacations), I had to postpone the filing of the I-485 and I-765 paperwork for her and her son (~$2000 for everything) as her biological son also needed me to file I-130 petition separately for him now that he is here in the USA with my wife.
    She threatened me that I had until 10/31/08 (BEFORE we went on the past Christmas/New Years vacation) to file all the necessary I-485, I-765 and her sons I-130 paperwork, so that she could officially become a permanent resident of the US and receive her green cards for her and her biological (now 8 year old) son. I expressed to my wife that these were difficulty financial times with the economy being what it is, and me being in sales (on commission as a job). She could have cared less, as I've come to find out; she just wanted her green card and permission to defraud both myself and USCIS. I ended up biting the bullet and honoring her demand to file the paperwork on 10/31/08 (actually reluctantly forgoing a mortgage payment) to do just that for her. She claimed she needed the paperwork done, as she was very nervous about flying to the DR and back to the USA again without having me file the adjustment of status application for her and her son. (Another likely excuse, so I've come to painfully find out). Once I received the NOA for confirmation of the I-485, I-765 and her sons I-130 (11/12/08) and she and her son got fingerprinted and the biometrics done. The relationship began to go down hill from there. She no longer wanted to have *** with me, and constantly complained of massive 'headaches', 'stomach pains' and just that overall she was 'too tired'. I thought this to be quite strange. She would now also pull her 8 year old biological son from his own bedroom into our marital bed, and he would sleep alongside her, thus making me sleep downstairs on the couch. This horrible behavior and outright disrespect for me and my biological children continued when visiting the DR over the Christmas/New Years vacation. In front of her own family she proceeded to 'get upset' over very little things with me, and used that as excuses not to talk to me on Christmas and New Years (out official anniversary as we originally me on 12/31/07). I was distraught, as I truly loved this woman and thought that she in turn loved me. She even threatened me that she and her son would not return to the USA with us at the end of our vacation (01/04/09). Again, very 'petty' type argument excuses as to why the change of heart. I believe that she thought since she got the NOA1 for the adjustment of status, work authorization for her and her son on 11/12/08 before we left for the DR, she was home free not to return with me, as her K3 and sons K4 visa stamps are valid until 10/11/09. She thought she could stay in the DR, while I and my biological American children would return to the marital residence in Upstate, New York, while she stayed with her family in the DR. She would return separately to reunite with her (what I have now come to find out, longtime baseball player Dominican boyfriend) who is staying in Miami, FL now.

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