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everyone is leaving this forum ?

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  • everyone is leaving this forum ?

    everyone is leaving this forum for another one ?
    can you please notify me where are you guys gona be ? so i can get a hold of you ?


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    everyone is leaving this forum for another one ?
    can you please notify me where are you guys gona be ? so i can get a hold of you ?



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      Here :


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        To Immigrant:
        I will always be here on this Board. I am not leaving anywhere. This Board is like another home to me, which means a lot.
        God bless everybody.


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          I am so grateful to see how your strength, your kindness, your forgiveness will reflect on keeping this board alive and those who are in the greatest need of your assistance.

          You know, those who are the weakest are the ones we should not abandoned and those are the ones that come to this board for help. And let's not forget those who feel they have to post such hurtful things to others because they are mostly in need of our support and love also.

          I pray for Bushmaster, Linda, Mohan, and any others that plan to leave this board all the success in the world and May God Always keep them in his heart, but we also need to keep the ones on this board in our heart and I thank you for that Mr. Umesh Passi.

          I know that I am not much help when it comes to immigration matters, but just know you can count on me to feel the empathy. I have seen so many people hurt from everything they have to go through and on my behalf as an American, I am so sorry.

          God Bless To All Of You and God Bless Our World!


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            You are a great person too... Well, I guess it is my turn now, I say good-bye... I am outta here...

            White Female, you are always welcome to our new forum...

            Our memberlist is already 30 people... numbers increasing everyday...


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              I feel so greatly honored to receive such an invitation and it really does saddened me to see you leave, but I just can't.

              I have seen so many others that are so desperately needing help on this board and I feel that I can not abondoned them even though I may not have much advice to give.

              I truly feel you and the others are also doing a very wonderful thing for those who are not familiar with this board, so that leaves more open doors for them.

              I know all of you have such great knowledge and so much to offer to others, so please, let me extend my congratulations to all of you! I know it will be a great success.

              Please, anytime you feel, you are most welcomed back to the board, even it is just to say hi and let us know how you are doing. I would like this very much and I am sure others would be happy to hear from you also.

              Bushmaster, take care my friend and God Bless You For Everything You Have Done For Others! Even though we have never met, You will always be in my prayers. Stay Gold My Friend!


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                The reason why Marie and myself created this new board because we were tired of searching through off-topic, hatred, political non-sense threads that took so much time before you actually got to a thread were you could help.

                Along with many imposters it was too much...

                If this forum would have been moderated we wouldn't even have bothered to create ours, why would we when this one is visited by so many.

                I don't know much about immigrationissues but once in awhile when I am able to help someone it makes me feel good. I think many feel this way.

                I respect the people who wish to stay here but please give us a chance too. To be honest I was quite surprised when some of the regulars followed us as I/we have not this much reputation on this board but I think it proves that alot of people were fed up.

                I hope we can all get along and maybe even work togheter. We will always welcome knowledgable people (you know who you are) to our forum.

                This being said I wish you well in whatever decision(s) you make.

                Thank you.



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                  yes I agree with you's so tiring to see so much hate on this board and all other subjects which has nothing to do with immigration...
                  I visited yr forum but I still have not signed on.
                  I will soon. You did really a great job.

                  I am like you here lol I Don't know that much about INS but I just come here to share my experience and my learn from others...and like you I find it very hard to leave this board for some unknown reasons lol
                  well I am traveling between these two boards lol

                  good luck everyone...


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                    To xandtrick:
                    Thanks for your open invitation and also appreciate your concern regarding unwanted posts.
                    In our real life, we never abondon our loved ones even if they are disrespectful sometime. We always try to mend their behaviour. If you feel that if any part of body is not working properly, it should be severed, it is your decision my friend.
                    We will stick to this board and always try to keep it live. There are people, who need help and are not self centered.
                    Good luck and God be with you all.


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                      I didn't even know I was self-centered...

                      IMHO, immigrationmatters are serious things, moderation of a forum therefore is mandatory, people might read 'advice' from an imposter of a regular and take it for granted and get into serious trouble later on.

                      This is what we try to prevent, if that is called self-centered well so be it.


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                        Thanks so much for your response and thanks for hanging in there with us. I also wish you good luck in whatever you do and I hope to keep seeing your smiles on this board, very refreshing")

                        God Bless You!


                        I don't know, but pretty sure what Guest-X was trying to say is, we need people here to help those also in need even more than ever. Like you said, when someone comes on as an imposter and misleads others, who will be here to give them the right advice? We have to give these people that support. Please, don't take him/her wrong. I feel Guest-X was just trying to protect the less fortunate and will stay on this board to guide and protect them.

                        Xandtrick, I really do wish all of you the best of success with your new site. I know you are also doing what you feel is right and you should go ahead a pursue that, but please, let us help those in which need the help on this board because not everyone will see your post for your new website.

                        Good Luck My Friends and God Bless You and All That You Love!


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                          I am going to try to get on that new web site again. I've had trouble logging in. I still scan this board and look for legitimate questions, and if I can answer it, I do, even if only with empathy and sympathy, like White Female said. Like many others I am tired of name being used to post threads about hatred, bigotry, and of all things, flatulence! I have learned a lot here, but I am fed up with the stupidity and anger. Illegal immigration is a multi-faceted issue that is bound to spark strong feelings on all sides, but the bickering and stupidity have gotten to me. I'll hang around and see what help I can offer, but I plan to check out the new site and spend time there - there is no moderation or assistance on this forum to filter out the trash and pointless threads, so I want to see what the new one has to offer. Thanks as always to all of you who have taught me and everyone else not just about the law, but about patience, compassion and not being judgmental.


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                            Here is another discussion board if anyone is interested:



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                              Wow! Very interesting forum this one!


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