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Interview videotaped/ Please Mohan/Pasha or anyone else your comment

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    By law, BCIS may videotape the whole interview proceedings. That's why they usually either notify to applicants about it on appointment letter or in person when applicants appear for interview. And sometimes they don't even tell at all about videotaping. Actually, it is all depend on the individual adjudication officer. If s/he feels the need to videotape then s/he will videotape the interview, otherwise not. The whole purpose of videotaping is to keep the interview-proceedings as an evidence for future proceedings. This way adjudication officers also want to prove that they have made the right decision after following all the protocols of visa-processing, as well they can also have the recorded evidences about what applicants have presented to them in order them to make their decisions.

    However, it is very important to know that each case, which is ended up in ˜Fraud Unit', or ˜Field Investigation', or looks highly suspicious, Must be videotaped. Now, it is also very important to know that if a case got videotaped, it doesn't mean that there was something wrong or suspicious, instead as I said earlier that some adjudication officers do this videotaping routinely and others do do at all. But if they do this then the whole purpose behind it is to have some kind of proofs to clear themselves from any wrongdoing, or to have the evidences about why did they made such decision in the case. There is no need to be panic or concern over videotaping. However, DON'T do anything stupid like talking something else either with your partner or with your attroney if adjudication officers will say you that s/he has to go to do something or if s/he walks away for a minute, because they usually go to see the live taping in the back to make sure what applicants are talking about the case. Sometime people cannot even see the camera while they get videotaped. So, be careful about your demeaner and action in the office.


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      thank you so much for your reply sammy. a good detailed reply.


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