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    Also worth reminding that employing people will cost you money.
    Extra insurance, damage/neglect to your vehicle,(they will not treat it as you would as it isn't their property) and of course wages.
    You would need to be making a sizable profit on the runs you were not doing the driving yourself for this to work financially for you.
    If not it is to easy to run a business to pay other peoples wages without it being financially profitable for you.
    Just my opinion from employing and running a business for 31 years, but good luck whatever you decide.

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    Absolutely agree with you there. Adding employees definitely adds to your overhead costs – insurance, potential vehicle damage, and of course, their wages. It's crucial that the additional business they bring in covers these costs, and then some. It's all too easy to end up just covering expenses and not actually making a profit for yourself. From my own experience, especially in a service business, it's vital to weigh the costs against the potential income carefully.


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