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    hey guys can someone tell me if i can apply for a v1 visa now , my i130 petition for permanent residen 203 (a) (2) (a) ina is already in process since 2001 ? and how long will it take for this ?

    thanks for your help

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    hey guys can someone tell me if i can apply for a v1 visa now , my i130 petition for permanent residen 203 (a) (2) (a) ina is already in process since 2001 ? and how long will it take for this ?

    thanks for your help


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      Spouses and minor children of LPRs qualify for V Visa if their immigrant visas are not current within 3 years. NVC or Consulate will send you Form for V Visa when you will be eligible.
      Good luck.


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        i came to us in 1992 on B1 visa which expired in 1993 august and now we applied for i130 in 2001
        i got married october of 2000 and also
        last month she became eligible for her citizenship and thats also in the process you said in your reply that NVC will send me the forms when i am eligible ? whats that mean ? i can't apply that myself ? by getting a v1 visa form ? because i don't have a work permit yet and my wife and her parents are supporting me
        i want to work as well


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          V visas are for those persons who are out of the United States. They are issued this Visa so that they can join their spouses in the United States and wait till their Immigrant Visa is current. Then they have a choice whether to adjust status in the United States or to go back to their country to get Immigrant Visa.
          Good luck.


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            I'm sorry but V-visa is not only for people outside of The US. If the person is here he can apply for V-status and permission to work. He or she may stamp the visa when traveling at the Consulate abroad. Please read more info before you advise!


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              thanks for clearing that up i was told by an attorney that you can apply for v1 visa while in usa to get work permit and etc

              lilly the situation is as follows

              i came on b1 visa in 1992 and it expired in 1993
              i went to junior high school here high school and college and then got married in 2000
              and applied in 2001 for i130 petition my wife is an LPR and the first NOA was received in july 16 2001 and nothing since then and my wife and her parents and a friend of mine is supporting us
              i thought i was gona atleast get a working permit during this process of i130 petition which we sent to Vermont

              but i got nothing from them
              and i need to work because i can't live off these people as the economy is not that great

              so if anyone has more information on V1 visa
              or any links to it please paste it here for me

              thanks and god bless you all


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                Hi! My I-130 has been pending since 2002, yours since 2001. We haven't heard from them and I could tell we are not suppose to. We are in second prefernce category and the wait is about 5 years,3 for the V-visa. It could be faster only if your spouse becomes an American. That is my hope too. As far as your legal stay here I can tell you the petition I-130 doesn't preserve your legal status here and you won't be able to go back home until you get the green cards in hands. in other words be prepare to wait anoter 1-2 years, sometimes more. Good luck!


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                  lilly thanks for your reply

                  but while the case is in process can i apply for
                  v1 visa so i can atleast work here and afford myself and go to school ?


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                    sorry never mind the post because i didn't read it fully my appologies

                    sory Lilly


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                      You said that your spouse just applied for citizenship, right? If so I hope for you that she will get it within 6 months and then you can petition again and get your work pemit and legalize yourself. If you don't have any other kind of status rigt now and you are overstayed do NOT apply for advance parole after your wife becomes a citizen. You would only be able to go back home after receiving the green card. Regards!


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