We have been back from Jamaica for 2 weeks now. We had a great time as usual. ...BUT, just checked our bank balance on this snowy day. Yesterday and today, someone hacked our account with our debit card in Lucea...Texas...and again in JA...for over 1300.00 US. This has never happened to us before. We each have a debit card and I never used mine while in JA...my husband used his (even though they both are on the same account) emirates inside. It was his card number that was used on ALL of the withdrawals.

Obviously, I am not blaming Jamaica as this can occur anywhere. I am just reminding everyone to check daily upon return for one never knows. Thank Jah, that we were able to get in touch with the bank today before it closed early due to the severe snow storm that has hit. They are putting the funds back in our account. Obviously, we are happy about that...but what a pain in the ***! I was explaining to the gentleman at our bank that all of the ATM's we used were private and locked..which he was not aware of. The card was always locked up and never used anywhere except ATM's.

Again, I know this can happen anywhere in the world....I am only posting this to raise awareness upon return regarding your account. Blessings.