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    I have noticed that almost all of the people writing about a problem, whether they are the illegal or the spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend of the illegal always want the same thing - a second chance and the opportunity to "be legal." Often this is after the illegal has entered the US without a visa, or overstayed a visa by a considerable margin.
    The American citizens seem to have forgotten that the US of A is our country; it does not belong to those who would flaunt or violate our rules. BUt most of the Americans have some misguided thought that our rules are too "unfair."
    They forget that there are many many ways for people to come to the US legally, many ways to work legally, many ways to immigrate legally. They don't want to hear about these "unfair" methods. They only want a quick green card for their significant law breaking, soon-to-be-deported (or deported) spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend while at the same time claiming to want tough laws for the other "bad people."
    It is time to stop helping those who refuse to obey our laws in the first place - send them back (or keep them back) wherever they came from for quite a while and let the message sink in - law violations won't be tolerated.


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      Thanks to you both - I've been called a lot worse than a racist in recent threads! but I appreciate what you had to say. The thing is, that the whole issue of immigration has two sides, the hardships faced by illegals, and the problems their presence can cause to our country, both of which are hard to deal with. But at the risk of sounding militant, we need to restrict and maybe temporarily close our borders while we straighten this mess out. We need to reincorporate humanity into our laws, but we have to stick to them, too. I keep encouraging people to slam the hell out of their representatives, and Bush himself, by writing, calling and emailing them demanding change. I do it when I'm really stressed, and I have received some interesting responses!


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