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Training with cannabis?

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  • Lolipamsaq2
    Yes, there are several places where you can legally smoke marijuana. I recommend paying attention to various communities on social networks and forums where informal meetings and events for lovers of this experience are regularly discussed, or to Look for similar events in your area, this may be a great way to meet like-minded people and share positivity.

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  • buttertool7
    Are there any other recommendations or tips on where to share your marijuana smoking experience? Maybe you know of some informal gatherings or special events for enthusiasts?

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  • Lavarda
    I don't think smoking weed should be combined with exercise. However, I know that many athletes use CBD oil during training. Think. you should go here to learn more about quality CBD oil that you can buy at great discounts to strengthen your mental and physical health. Using CBD oil really does not have any side effects and only brings benefits.

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  • VikeMoska
    I noticed this thread is a couple of years old, but the topic of training with cannabis is still an intriguing one. It's worth noting that attitudes and regulations regarding cannabis can vary from region to region. In some places, it may be more accepted, while in others, it could still be considered illegal or against sporting regulations. It's essential to stay up to date with the latest rules and guidelines in your area to make informed decisions.
    If you're interested in exploring this further, you can go to highly flavored, a website that offers a range of cannabis-related products. They might have additional information or insights for you.

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  • yamileiadrian
    You wanna get high go ahead smoke up johnny, but don’t bullshit me and try to say it has any benefits to anything other than you enjoying sensory deprivation.

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  • Rohambekaj
    started a topic Training with cannabis?

    Training with cannabis?

    Many athletes st the state level are training high and they tell me it helps with mind muscle connection and they can tune world out better is this a nationwide thing? In Midwest must know 40 athletes who are doing it seems like could be dangerous, but just curious not judging..

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