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5 Ton FEM Hoist For Sale Sri Lanka

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  • 5 Ton FEM Hoist For Sale Sri Lanka


    Sri Lanka is a South Asian country located off the coast of India. It is a developing country with a growing economy. The construction industry is one of the key drivers of economic growth in Sri Lanka. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for construction equipment in Sri Lanka. Problem

    The construction industry in Sri Lanka is facing a shortage of high-quality construction equipment. The traditional electric hoists on the market are not able to lift heavy loads to great heights, not up to the standards required for modern construction projects. This is a problem for construction projects in Sri Lanka, which often require the lifting of heavy materials to high levels. This is leading to delays and cost overruns on construction projects. Solution

    {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/5-ton-european-electric-hoist-for-sale-sri-lanka.jpg"} 5 ton European Electric hoist for sale Sri Lanka
    Recently a European standard 5 ton electric hoist with 64m lifting height from DQCRANES exported to Sri Lanka, is known for its quality and reliability, and it is specifically designed for use in construction applications. The electric wire rope hoist with FEM/DIN standard design is also equipped with a number of safety features, including a load limiter and an emergency stop button. This provides a safe and reliable lifting solution for construction projects in Sri Lanka. 5 Ton FEM Hoist For Sale Sri Lanka

    {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/5-ton-fem-hoist-for-sale-sri-lanka-design-drawing.jpg"} 5 ton fem hoist for sale Sri Lanka design drawing
    • Lifting Capacity: 5 ton
    • Lifting Height: 64m
    • Weight of Crab: 1.9 ton
    • The Maximum Wheel Load: 30.4KN
    • Main Lifting Speed: 2.0/12.6m/Min
    • Trolley Traveling: 2.0~20m/Min Stepless
    • Lifting Power: 2.0/12.5kW
    • Trolley Motor Power: 0.64kW
    • Power Supply: 415V/3P/50Hz
    • Lifting Group: FEM 2m (M5)
    • Trolley Traveling Group: FEM 2m (M5)
    • Control Method: Remote Control
    • Recommended Rail Width: 150~350mm
    • Working Site: Indoors
    • Workable Ambient Temperature: -10°℃~+40℃
    European Standard Electric Hoist Design Features
    • Hoist Machinery

    Due to the design, hoist motor, gearbox, and drum are arranged scientifically and compactly which enlarges the working space of crane and increases the lifting height. Based on FEM calculations for standard lifting gear, the single girder European electric hoist can lift loads to 12.5 tons, and double girder hoist up to 80 tons. With the features of smooth and silent operation, extended working life, lift-time lubrication, double surface DC brake, etc.
    • Hoisting Motor

    The European electric hoist is equipped with double speed changing squirrel cage motors or equipped with frequency converter motor for variable speed control. The hoist motors have the features, such as specifications according to FEM, and HMI, etc., low start current, quiet operation, dynamic acceleration characteristics, optimized switching properties for 2-speed motors, double surface brake, and upgraded insulation for inverter operation.
    • Hoist Gears

    The sealed gearbox housing is made of aluminum. Gears run in totally enclosed semi-fluid or oil bathe lubrication, designed for the lifetimes of the crane. The case-hardened gears with high-grade surface treatment ensure high reliability and smooth running with a minimum of maintenance.
    • Hoist Brakes

    DC magnetic disk brakes are equipped to hoist motors that are adjustment free and are designed and manufactured to work together so that the load will not slip when starting, lowering, stopping, etc.
    The hoist brake is fully covered and is dust proof.
    • Drum and Rope

    The hoist drum is made from high-quality steel tubing and has precise grooved for the rope to prevent rope overlap. The wire rope is galvanized, free-maintenance, and high strength, with 2016N/nn2 breaking force, good flexibility, and a long lifetime, which is suitable for all standard applications of material handling.
    • Cross Travel Drives

    The cross travel drives can withstand unfavorable conditions such as low power supply and aggressive surroundings. The travel motors are equipped with DC magnetic disk brakes which are adjustment free. All motors comply with related standards, such as CE, VDE, DIN, UL/CSA, CCC, ETC. Single and double speed drives are also available.
    • Limit Switches

    To keep the hood from over travel, the adjustable geared and self re-setting hoist and lower limit switches are provided. Automatic cut-off during the lifting and lowering motions in upper and lower limit positions are realized.
    • Safety Monitor

    The wire rope hoist can be equipped with a safety monitoring unit, with features of practical, easy to use, and sophisticated, which will stop hoist when an overload of the hoist or overheating of the motor occurs to increase safety and optimize maintenance.

    Production And Package

    Now the production and package of 5 ton electric hoist have been finished, is waiting for being exported to Sri Lanka. Looking forward to receiving the client’s feedback as soon as possible.

    European Electric Hoist Applied For Industries
    • Construction Industry: European standard hoists are used to lift heavy materials, such as steel beams and concrete slabs. This helps to keep workers safe by reducing the need for manual lifting.
    • Manufacturing Industry: European standard hoists are used to move materials around the factory floor. This helps to improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to move materials from one place to another.
    • Mining Industry: European standard hoists are used to lift miners and equipment up and down mine shafts. This helps to improve safety by reducing the risk of falls.
    • Warehousing: Electric hoists are used in warehouses to lift and move heavy materials, such as boxes, pallets, and containers. They can also be used to sort and stack materials.
    • Logistics: Electric hoists are used in logistics to load and unload trucks, ships, and airplanes. They can also be used to move materials around warehouses and distribution centers.
    • Other industries: Electric hoists can be used in a variety of other industries, such as oil and gas, and shipbuilding.
    Get Electric Hoist Price In Sri Lanka!

    The electric hoist price in Sri Lanka depends on the model of the hoist, as well as its lifting capacity, lifting height and power supply, etc. Welcome to contact us, DQCRANES will help you to choose the best electric hoist for your needs.
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