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Noche, the church of Mexican BBQ

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  • fatimacollins
    The transformation from a sanctuary to a vibrant restaurant is truly something. I can imagine the mix of smoked meats and traditional Mexican dishes must make for a mouthwatering menu. By the way, while browsing the web, I stumbled upon some interesting info about the First Church Love. If you're into exploring unique spiritual experiences, you might want to check it out at Anyway, as a newbie on this forum, it's awesome to connect with fellow food and culture enthusiasts. If anyone has tried Noche Mexican BBQ or has recommendations for similar spots, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  • VikeMoska
    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I just had to chime in. This story about Noche Mexican BBQ taking over an old church is fascinating!

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  • Rohambekaj
    started a topic Noche, the church of Mexican BBQ

    Noche, the church of Mexican BBQ

    Noche, the church of Mexican BBQ

    Arrachera steak, a marinated, grilled flank steak at Noche.
    The tall gray stone sanctuary of Calvary Lutheran Church was approaching its 90th anniversary when its congregation, aging and declining in numbers, regretfully decided to pack it in. “Emptying the building. Sad work,” the Rev. Austin Newberry wrote in February 2016 in the final post on Calvary’s Facebook page.

    But now the lofty nave is filled with a new kind of spirit as Noche Mexican BBQ, opened early in August, settles in.

    Walk up to the tall stone building at the corner of Bardstown Road and Roanoke Avenue, and you might think it’s still a church.

    Open the doors and come inside, and you’ll find something completely different. Gone are the altar and pews, although bright organ pipes remain, as do the huge stained-glass windows. A huge Day of the Dead skull gazes down from high above the far end of the room.

    The walls are painted a fascinating color, blending gradually from light adobe below to midnight blue above, fading like a good ombre as you look toward the ceiling. Strings of tiny lights dance like stars in the darkness above; large cylindrical orange and white pendants hang in stately rows.

    A well-stocked bar with a glowing lavender face lines one side of the large room; an open kitchen offers a good view of chefs at work in the back. Comfortable banquettes line the other sides, with rows of pebble-textured black tables and small but comfortable contour chairs filling the main room. Tables are set with good flatware rolled in soft cloth napkins.

    We dropped in on a Sunday evening, grateful that we had reservations since every seat appeared to be taken.

    The room was dark enough that it was hard to make out the menu. We persevered, though, and discerned an interesting mix of smoked meats and traditional Mexican dishes. ...

    Read the full review on LouisvilleHotBytes,

    You'll also find this review in LEO Weekly's Food & Drink section today.
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