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    hi all......this is not a great idea President to have a separate forum for CSPA and to link it with other sites like or NVC or INS sites. First of all u'll have to contact the owner of these respective sites. WE cannot ourselve do that(ie link our forum with other sites) people are already very busy and taking pains for this CSPA stuff, so stick to the task at hand ....don't meander your thoughts elsewhere. This is pretty good site and we all can take a little extra pain to look for CSPA concerned mails....isn't it.And let me tell you....u'll require to make computer program for this. Who will do that. This CSPA matter is very new and so you and many people are confused. But after 3-4 months when the regulations will comeout CSPA would come in same category. So i dont think its a feasable idea. Plus the only confusion is about " Retention of Priority Date" and that could only become clear after we see the regulations. But at the same time i am not keeping my hopes high on this because if allows derivative beneficiary to retain their original priority date in F4 and F3 category then tey'll have to issue visas to hundreds and thousands more people( derivative beneficiary)....and this will almost double the number of people. This in turn will affect the people whose case has to become current in future. Presently in F4 category the case number becomes current after 12-13 years of applying.......but if retention of priority dat4e benefits all categories then the cases would take almost 20 years to become current. bye bye


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      Calm down, do not be confused, do not fear those political appointees, they can not amend the law, only congress can. If they do interpret the law differently, we will protest, we will howl, we will march, we will sue the INS. tHAT IS one beauty of the America democracy. Like your country, India, the biggest democracy in the world, we can do every thing within the bounds of the law.

      Like what easy-A said, your nephews are within the scope of the "RETENTION OF PRIORITY DATE" section of the law. Wait for the regs. on the automatic conversion, but as I said before, I predict that by the time the regs. comes up, the local consulates abroad has the regs at hand and it will be only a matter of implentation for them.


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        Sorry, wrong thread, this is directed in the other posting.


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          I have answer your question on the other posting. but anyway, like what easy-A said your nehpews are within the preview of the RETNETION section of the lawl.


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            Which other forum have posted answer on?


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              All CSPA interested parties:

              Please see easy-cspa's post under RETENTION OF PRIROTIY DATE...

              easy-cspa will post the details of the case. This may be an advance indication of the which way the regulations will go.

              I have requested easy-cspa to do duplicate posting on this thread also.


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