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245i next year?

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    245(i) will return next year, probably 6 months before the November elections.


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      245i will be opposed by law-abiding citizens nationwide, that oppose rewarding people for breaking the law.


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        By: Glenn R. Jackson

        Ether Zone
        December 18, 2002 issue

        Senator Trent Lott is being raked over the coals for his ill-considered comments at Senator Strom Thurmond's 100th Birthday party. Yes, that Senator Lott is in a position to be this big an embarrassment to the Republican Party is testimony enough to the GOP being the Stupid Party.

        However, while many civil rights groups railed on against Lott calling for his ouster as a closet racist, a real racial issue was once again left to pass without comment because all concerned are so clearly implicated in the betrayal of Black America.

        Unemployment numbers for November were released and unemployment among black Americans rose to a glaring 11%. And while having more than one out of every ten black Americans unemployed and fast becoming unemployable may seem bad, it only get worse from here. The Atlanta Journal/Constitution ran a front-page article on December 6, 2002 "Colleges seek Black Men - Regents' study targets obstacles that deter enrollment in Georgia Universities." The problem; black men account for fewer than 2% of the student body in Georgia Universities.

        With unemployment soaring to 11% for black Americans and college enrollment dropping below 2%, black American's are being committed to a life of unskilled labor or to perpetual existence on public support. As desperate as this may seem, it is not a true indicator of the hopelessness. The depth and breadth of betrayal that is the deliberate undercutting of any economic pathways to a growing black middle class in America as perpetrated by the Democrats, Republicans, and Civil Rights leaders alike, indicates a bleak future.

        Good jobs, not minimum wage burger flippers, but good paying, hard working, esteem building jobs are being given away as "jobs American's do not want to do." A massive influx of low skill or no skill workers is being flooded across U.S. borders because $5 an hour looks like a Prince's wage when compared to a high-end $5 per week that was being earned in the immigrants third world country.

        The open borders lobby and its mass immigration invasion is creating a permanent underclass in the United States. Believing apparently that black America is not worth saving, the open borders crowd has set its sights on a new labor supply.

        The U.S. southern border has now become a revolving door for the influx of cheap unskilled labor and the outflow of U.S. dollars. Americans are having our pockets picked, but no one is suffering from the immigration whirlwind like the black community.

        While unemployment rates of 11% are disturbing, the reported unemployment rate of 7.8% for Hispanic workers is reprehensible. First and foremost the 7.8% unemployment rate for Hispanics is based by necessity on "documented" workers. This ignores, or at best only partially counts the massive numbers of undocumented "workers" living in the United States. Yes the very same undocumented "guest" workers that the President wishes to grant amnesty.

        For America's black community the outrage over importing even more unskilled labor in the face of 11% unemployment should be palpable. That this mass immigration continues in the face of a nearly 8% unemployment number for Hispanic workers should be sounding alarm bells in NAACP offices coast to coast.

        Clearly open-border advocates, Democrats and Republicans alike, are willing to endure a considerable number of new "wards" of the state, as attested to by the nearly 8% unemployment rate among documented Hispanics, in order to do an end run around the black community. It stands to reason that if we can import millions of unskilled workers from south of the border and support an unemployment rate of nearly 8% among those workers, there were surely jobs enough to help support the black community.

        The catch of course is that black Americans expect to be paid an American wage. Apparently not the wage the open-borders crowd has in mind. In 1980 janitors in Los Angeles, a primarily black workforce, earned wages averaging about $13 an hour. Today that hourly wage is $7 to $8 an hour, and the janitorial workforce is primarily Hispanic.

        While America's Black "leaders" go chasing after Senator Trent Lott, generation on top of generation of black Americans are having the American Dream stolen or set forever out of their reach. When the "leadership" finally does catch up to Senator Lott don't be surprised if they pin a medal on his chest.

        Once again some poor dumb white guy has provided a distraction from the real race problem in America.

        Glenn R. Jackson is Chairman of the American Reformation Project, former State Chairman for Buchanan Reform and former state Chairman of the Georgia Freedom Party. Glenn also served on the Executive Committee of the Reform Party USA. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. Glenn R. Jackson can be reached at:


        A person who smiles in the face of diversity probably has a scapegoat.


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          [ ... ]

          Q And when we're going to hear the President talk about the immigration reform again?

          MR. FLEISCHER: I think that we'll work -- continue to work with Congress on the initiatives that are pending there. 245I still is an important matter to this President, and we will continue to work to try to make as much progress as possible on the immigration issues.

          [ ... ]

          [ End ]


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            The Ideology Of Death: Open Borders Is Aiding Terrorism And Spreading SARS

            By Joe Sansone 4-28-03
            One of the reasons given for invading Iraq was that the regime in question was aiding terrorist organizations either directly, or indirectly by looking the other way regarding terrorist camps. Isn't that exactly what the Bush administration is doing when it refuses to enforce immigration laws and looks the other way instead of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration?

            There are 1.5 million illegal aliens entering the United States each year. That's over 4 thousand illegal aliens entering the U.S. every day. Since we invaded Iraq over 150 thousand illegal aliens entered the country. If one in a thousand were terrorists that would be 150 new terrorists entering the country in the last 40 days. If one in ten thousand illegal aliens were terrorists then 15 terrorists have entered the country since the start of the war with Iraq. Is one in ten thousand illegal aliens an unrealistic number to tag as potential terrorists? There were only nineteen terrorists in the 9-11 attacks.

            What if the 15 terrorists used chemical biological or nuclear weapons in an act of mass murder? Are you or your family safe from such an attack? Is it possible that 15 well-trained immigrant terrorists could take out a major city with a nuclear device?

            Then of course there is the more complex issue of tracking down and deporting the 13-20 million illegal aliens in America. How many of them are terrorists?

            The 9-11 attacks demonstrated clearly that in the 21st century the preferred delivery system for weapons of mass destruction is an immigrant.

            The Bush administration doesn't have a right to look the other way regarding illegal immigration. The executive branch of government is supposed to enforce the law not pick and choose which ones it agrees with. Rather than creating a military presence on our streets a military presence should exist on our borders.

            How can this administration condemn Syria for aiding Iraq by not controlling its borders yet maintains no control over its own borders? Isn't allowing potential terrorists into the United States a worse threat to national security than Syria's support for anti-Israeli terrorists? Shouldn't an administration willing to go to war to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction be concerned about those weapons crossing its own borders?

            Recently Tom Ridge released a joint statement with his Mexican counter part which "outlined specific actions that would be taken to create a smart border for the 21st century, one that embraces technology and enhanced bilateral cooperation to ensure the secure flow of people and goods and the development of a secure and sufficient infrastructure necessary to facilitate the growing trade between Mexico and the United States, to promote legitimate travel across the border, and to protect against
            crime and terrorism."

            This is bizarre. Volunteers from American Border Patrol have caught the Mexican military on video smuggling hundreds of illegal aliens into the United States.

            As if the threat of terrorism created by no borders isn't enough, now the threat of deadly epidemics should open eyes. Bio-terrorism can't be ruled out but SARS appears to be a natural phenomenon. This SARS epidemic may spread like a wild fire if international travel is not immediately restricted. Instead of restricting international travel the federal government will most likely wait until it becomes an epidemic and restrict travel in localities within the United States, or worse, mandate tracking devices on individuals to ensure that they follow quarantine guidelines.

            Wouldn't it make more sense to restrict international travel than to restrict the movements of U.S. citizens?

            Even if international travel is restricted immediately the SARS epidemic will still spread because of illegal immigration. There is no way to track the 4 thousand plus illegal aliens that enter the U.S. each and every day.

            The ideology of ˜open' or ˜no borders' has proven itself to be an ideology of death. It was proven so on 9-11. SARS is further proof. That the president and much of congress from both parties continue to cling to the fallen belief system of a borderless world is in itself a testament to the transparency of the war on terrorism.

            How many Americans must die to serve the fanatical religion of ˜open borders'? How many liberties must be sacrificed to appease the God of this borderless world?

            Terrorism is the child of a borderless world. SARS is in the U.S. because of an allegiance to open borders. These policies that directly caused the 9-11 attacks will cause further destruction in America. They will continue to create terrorism and the spread of deadly infectious diseases that will increase domestic instability resulting in the strengthening of a police state.

            Some people may define patriotism as an unquestioning support for the president, congress, and the policies they continue to carry out, in other words worship of the state. Realizing that the state exists because we allow it to exist, not the other way around, I therefore must choose to question the motives and actions of the president and much of congress when they continue to carry out policies that threaten the very existence, let alone the freedom of our people.

            Most Americans would prefer to live in an isolated and free country instead of a police state. Patriotism must be defined as the love of country not the love of the state.

            You can't have it both ways. If you support immigration you are supporting terrorism


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              Petition to Stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

              Citizens Lobby
              April 28, 2003


              Mexico is renewing its demands for the U.S. to grant amnesty to at least four million illegal Mexicans living in the U.S. Mexico's interior minister Santiago Creel recently met with Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in San Diego to discuss border security and immigration issues.

              Perversely, Sr. Creel argues that granting amnesty and expanding NAFTA will help U.S. national security! Hopefully, Senor Ridge and other top Bush Administration officials do not buy into this garbage.

              Congress and Bush Administration officials are trying to push a new amnesty proposal to legalize millions of illegal aliens. This will encourage more illegal immigration, invite new terrorists to sneak into our country, and endanger the safety and national security of the United States.

     will be launching new initiatives to fight any and all amnesty and/or guest-worker programs. We are still collecting on-line petitions to stop amnesty. Help us stop this legislative madness by signing this petition today and contacting your members of Congress.

              Please sign our petition if you have not done so already, and forward this to your friends and family. Thank you.



              Whereas, the nearly 11 million illegal aliens currently inside the United States cost American taxpayers billions of dollars and pose a threat to our national security and well-being;

              Whereas, amnesty for illegal aliens demeans and infringes on the rights of real American citizens.

              Whereas, granting amnesty or 'legalization' for illegal aliens only rewards lawbreakers and invites more illegal immigrants and possible terrorists to sneak into our country;

              Therefore, be it Å .

              Resolved, that members of Congress reject amnesty and any other legalization or guest-worker scheme.
              Resolved, that federal authorities, along with local and state police, enforce current immigration laws by apprehending and deporting all illegal aliens back to their country of origin.


              "Now is really the last, last time, until the next time, which will be the last, last, last time we grant amnesty for illegal aliens." - GOP


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                I heard that 245(i) will come again this autumn...


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                  245i will be opposed by law-abiding citizens nationwide, that oppose rewarding people for breaking the law.


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                    delete 245(i)!


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