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Doorbell Camera that works with existing chime and stores files on sd card?(solved)

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  • Doorbell Camera that works with existing chime and stores files on sd card?(solved)

    My dad would really like to have a camera door bell that works with the houses chime (90s or early 2000s).

    It's also important for him to have the footage saved on a SD card so there is no cloud subscription service.

    He went out and purchased a amazon ring camera door bell.

    After some research we found it was not able to use a SD card or be hand wired to the existing the chime.

    I would like to surprise him with a device that is compatible with a existing wired door bell chime and sd card to store footage.

    If live view and remote or local footage recording play back from devices is a option his main choises are Windows and Android.

    Honestly I am having a hard time finding one that can connect to a basic door bell chime, use sd card to store footage, and allow playback or live view from the app.

    I would be grateful for any help.

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    i don't think that combo exists. just get a plain old security camera with an SD card, and leave the old doorbell in place. they don't have to work together.


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      I feel your struggle, man. Finding a doorbell camera that fits your dad's needs can be trickier than untangling a slinky. But fear not, I got your back with a wicked solution!
      Check out Vivint home security, bro. They offer doorbell cameras that are compatible with existing wired chimes and store footage on an SD card. No cloud subscription needed! It's like hitting the jackpot, dude.
      With Vivint, your dad can enjoy the convenience of live view and playback from both his Windows and Android devices. It's like having a private security crew at his fingertips!


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