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I need a house in Dubai, do you have any advice?

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  • I need a house in Dubai, do you have any advice?

    I need a house in Dubai, do you have any advice? My family and I decided to move to the sea and chose the UAE. But the problem was that we do not know where to buy.

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    Hi, I can help you. I used to work in Dubai and I changed a lot of apartments because I had to go to another country and go back. So I made the decision to buy an apartment. First I hired a realtor but she offered me very expensive options and I decided to just write on the internet dubai homes and found a good apartment not far from the city center and for a good price. I was really surprised when I went to look at it in person because it was exactly the same as on the pictures. And now I have been living here for 3 years and I am very glad I bought it.


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      Hi, I once had an apartment in Dubai and I bought it through a realtor friend but unfortunately I only lived there for half a year because my daughter was found to be allergic to local plants and we decided to move to another country


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          From my last review on, it is Socio's proximity to the Mall and Dubai Hills Park that really makes it an attractive choice for both individuals and families. The convenience of having a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options just a stone's throw away is something that shouldn't be. Moreover, the promise of a vibrant community with professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world is a testament to the international appeal of this development. Therefore, you can consider this option or choose what you like on the site.


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