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How much I-751 evidence is too much?

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    Walter you are ridiculous. Am a serious professional and I have not done anything wrong other than that issue of IDs.If you wanna crucify me over and over again because of what I have already apologized for, then I think you need counselling or some divine intervention.

    Am already on the floor and down-why are you still kicking me?


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      Okay, so now I am ridiculous, right? Just because I am the one took the mask away from your split indentity, so I am the one now ridiculous here, right? Let the people to judge and judge yourself who is ridiculous here when you have multiple ID's and not only this- You have denied of being the same person previously very aggresively, and now trying to tell us who is ridiculous is here.

      Your "SERIOUS PROFESSIONALISM" has nothing to do with your split identity, and if it does, then it is already proven that what kind of "PROFESSIONAL" you are, as you are like to hide under split indenty.

      Do you know-because of people like you, how many good people have gone away from this site. You are the reasons for depriving us from their experiences and knowledges, and then you came up here by saying that you did not do anything except using different ID's. Different ID's is the problem here. Why don't you have only one ID to post yr replies. Are you scarred of posting under only one ID? But, you know what- we all know that why do you have another ID, so that you can put somebody down by criticizing them and on the other side, still can show that you are professional and nice person.How we can be sure that you did not bash on others by using different ID's? How we can be sure that you are not using more than 2 ID's?

      Where did you apologize? Actually, you haven't apolozine anything yet, instead have given all sort of lame excuses only, and then telling us that you have already aplogized. You are not less than a rat, who change its color every minutes. Why did you deny two month ago when you knew that you are the same person under the id of Halali? If you were not caught red-handed, you will still be denying of having split identities. It might not a big deal to you, but it is a complete deception and misleading behaviour that must not be tolerated.


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        posted September 30, 2003 01:22 PM
        All you people like Vivek and Walter need to be put in a mental home, together with Josephine. What is this obsession with IDs? Are you guys looney or rather are you going

        Josto @ Halali@ guatemalan19432003 @ more ID's

        Jostali, I-751 is the best thing that INS has done because if someone exploiting BCIS rules then they definitely belongs federal jail and then plane. Because of such people I-751 is taking long time so that who ever got married for the sake of green card will be exposed during this period. I hope you got this straight.


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