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  • Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

    I have a pool that is 21 years old. Around the pool I have a 3 foot wide concrete deck that has held up fairly well, save for a few small cracks. A couple of years ago I had to cut a piece out by the skimmer to repair a leak. The concrete I used (bagged) to repair the cut out area does not match the color of the old glass fiber concrete. The deck has PVC plastic strips that were pushed into the concrete mix after the concrete was placed to encourage any deck cracking to occur underneath those plastic strips. Those PVC plastic strips have not worked since all cracks have occurred elsewhere. On the outside of the deck I have an interlocking patio all around, so I can remove one row of interlocking pavers to avoid getting resurfacing product on them. I am trying to determine how to refinish the deck and any experience you can share with doing your own deck, particularly duration of the resurface job would be appreciated. I will be doing some crack filling in advance either with grout (if I stain) or Quikrete resurfacer (If I use this product). Then I am considering a coat of stain to cover up the discolored concrete and patch followed by a coat of clear sealant to protect the stain coat. The other option is to use Quikrete concrete resurfacer pool deck resurfacing st augustine fl. This latter option presents several issues. First the product results in a thicker coat so that the PVC plastic strips and the skimmer cover plate will be depressed by the thickness of the resurfacer (about 1/8"). Since the strips are not true expansion joints, I could possibly cover them with the Quikrete product, but then I have no break spots to do the resurfacing in small areas to prevent premature setting, the product may scale off or crack from poor bonding to plastic and from its thinness. The other concern I have with using Quikrete resurfacer is the likelihood of losing some material into the pool when doing the very edge by the coping, possibly causing damage to the liner (recently replaced for $4,000). I understand that fully preparing the old concrete surface is very important to the duration of the resurfacing job, with either product. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to offer, especially if you have been down this road yourself? Thanks
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