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Advice regarding Debt consolidation loan

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  • Xenon17
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  • gringo
    started a topic Advice regarding Debt consolidation loan

    Advice regarding Debt consolidation loan

    Hi all,

    Debt info:
    £3k personal loan, final payment due next month
    £6k in high interest credit cards, 30%+ APR.

    I know the correct answer to this post is "Discipline yourself better!" which is actually what I'm trying to do, but I want a clean slate to do so. I've made some poor choices and while I've stopped it getting any worse I feel like I'm stuck in mud I can't climb out of. I make payments on time every month but my credit utilisation is nearly 95% and my credit score is crap, maybe 450 on experian.

    I think a partial negative factor is that the original £3k loan was used to pay off some cards, the accounts of which I immediately closed thinking it would make my credit score better, but it had no result. This all happened years ago during a time when my family were under a lot more financial pressure and the debt built over years on very high interest credit as I had no other option.

    For my own peace of mind and to allow me to start saving so that unexpected expenses can be paid without having to use credit, and to also demonstrate lower credit utilisation I am planning on a debt consolidation loan to cover all the credit card debt. The interest rate I've been given for the loan is equal the interest rates on the £6k card debt.

    I essentially plan to then cut the cards on all, keeping the accounts open, apart from 1 card which I'm going to use for usual essentials and pay in full each month.

    My questions are:

    - Is completing the £3k loan next week likely to get me noticeably better rates if I wait a month or two?
    - Is this idea I have of paying off the cards with the loan, then keeping the accounts open so my overall credit utilsation is low actually going to help my credit score much?
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