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    One of the only things this forum is lacking is pictures of all of our fur babies! So I’ll kick it off.

    Meet Chewbacca, A.K.A. Chewie. He came from a working sheep farm, where the farmer bred his own herding and guardian dogs. Mom was full blooded Border collie, dad was full blooded Anatolian Shepherd, and Chewie was a complete accident. The mom is an accomplished escape artist. According to the breeder, it didn’t matter where he kept her, she would escape. One night, she got out, hopped into the Anatolian pen, and along came Chewie and his siblings. He has the brains of a Border, and the energy of the Border for about 5 minutes. Then it’s all Anatolian laziness.

    Smartest dog I have ever had. You can actually watch him think thru problems. If he had thumbs we would be so screwed.

    In the pic of Chewie lounging on the sofa is Marble. She is 16 years old. Not sure how much longer she will be with us, but as long as she is happy and comfortable, we won’t worry too much about that.

    Ya’ll’s turn now. Fill this thread up with furry faces, wet noses, and floppy ears!

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    Wow! They're amazing.


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      Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. Chewbacca is such a handsome boy! I can only imagine how smart he must be to watch him solve problems. Marble is also adorable!
      As for my fur baby, I have a little hamster named Luna. I love her very much, and I also like checking sites like with many articles about furry friends. I think it may also be beneficial for you.


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              The mom is an accomplished escape artist. According to the breeder, it didn’t matter where he kept her, she would escape. belts and hoses replacement


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