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    Communication in the digital world makes everything easier, people can express themselves easier, even sending complaints and questions becomes easier. On the other hand, it facilitates the process of communicating with them, answering their questions, responding to complaints and suggestions, and providing support. Most importantly, the keywords are easy to identify. But what are the keywords? كيفية عمل دراسة جدوى

    Keywords are the words and terms that people search for using search engines, i.e. the words they search for using search engines. By analyzing these words, you can identify what people need and what they are looking for, and then you can provide what they want.

    For example, if this word, for example, “price”, appeared very frequently in the comments, at a rate of 75%, for example, then you should start thinking about starting a sales campaign!

    With digital technology, you can monitor all of the following: دراسة جدوى شركة تسويق الكتروني

    Website: What do visitors do on your site? What are the most visited pages? How long do they spend on each page?
    Marketing mechanism: That is, you can monitor the work of the marketing mechanism that you use, and know which pages attract the largest number of visitors? How many people see your ad? The number of clicks on the ad and the number of ignoring the ad?
    Dividing customers into categories: This is one of the very effective techniques that you can apply using the information that visitors enter. If your site requires visitors to create an account, you can use this information, such as age, gender, place of residence, and more. According to this data, you can arrange and send them suitable special offers.
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