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Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrency

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  • Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrency

    So far, we’ve discussed some of the main considerations that investors need to be cautious about but there are certainly positive arguments about whether cryptocurrencies are a good investment as well. As cryptocurrencies mature and develop, such as we’ve seen with Bitcoin and Ethereum, we also see the emergence of such assets as a new asset class. We’ve seen large professional fund managers, such as Cathy Wood from Ark Investment Management, creating dedicated investment funds solely investing in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

    The said institutional investors also diversify their risks by keeping different investments that behave differently under the same economic conditions. Some argue that cryptocurrencies provide positive diversification effects, specifically against rising inflation. Moreover, we’ve seen the development of more investment instruments that capture the upside of specific cryptocurrencies, such as options and futures on Bitcoin and Ethereum and specific investment funds that professionally manage cryptocurrencies on behalf of investors.

    Lastly, one more positive is that the sector is quite new, and as such, there are potentially many more changes that may come down the line to make investing in cryptocurrencies even more attractive. Examples are stablecoins, cryptocurrencies linked to the value of a fiat currency and assets to back the digital currency.

    For those who worry about fraud, there can be more stringent regulations, such as dealing with the Initial Coin Offerings to help protect investors. We mentioned futures on cryptocurrencies, and as the market develops, there can be futures on other cryptocurrencies traded on a reputable exchange. Futures also allow cryptocurrency bears to sell the asset short, improving liquidity overall. Check here:

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