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Steps to appoint a commercial lawyer.

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  • Steps to appoint a commercial lawyer.

    Steps to appoint a commercial lawyer.
    When you are exposed to any commercial problem, you may need to go to court and file a lawsuit. You definitely need to hire a lawyer who specializes in commercial cases. Here are the steps that must be taken to appoint a commercial lawyer electronically. مكتب محاماة جدة

    Click on the electronic services through the Najis platform of the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia.
    Click on the agencies and declarations option and choose to issue an electronic agency from the boxes that appear.
    Choose the icon to access the service you need.
    Then select the agency type and press the Next button.
    Choose to add an agent from the agency data shown in front of you.
    You have to add the required information such as ID number and date of birth and click on the search button.
    After the client's data appears, you must enter the field number in the specified place and click on the Save and Next option.
    When the options appear in front of you, you must choose the national identity in addition to the option to review all parties if necessary, and then the next.
    Determine the period you would like for the agency. افضل محامي احوال شخصية

    Click on the Approval option when the agency formula appears.
    And then you have to enter the verification code in the box that appears, and after the execution icon.
    And when you click on the display of the instrument appears directly in front of you.
    The agency is sent to the mobile of both the principal and the agent.
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