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    Is it poossible to sue an illegal alien for child support? What would happen?

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    Is it poossible to sue an illegal alien for child support? What would happen?


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      of course any person who has fathered a child can be petitoned to court for child support. If a support agreement can be worked out between the parties , it would probably be better for the illegal for obvious reasons.

      Better yet, why not get married to person who had child. This would make illegal person LEGAL. and make a family unit for the child with only 1 parent. That has been the general rule in this country. Get married first , then have children.


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        I am not sure where you are living but there are MANY single parent homes. I agree it is not the best route but it happens. We have not been able to work this out. I do not live on welfare. He is a great father. His only problem is the basis on which he helps me in support of his son. He gives me money when he wants sopmetimes its regular every week, at other times its 1 time every two months.


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          Mechenmax.. How illegal is he.. Is he overstay his visa illegal or is he snuck into the country illegal. Either way, you know you will be opening him up to exposure if you file child support for him. All it would take is a busy body in the filing office to notify a few people. That means hes working illegal, probalbly no registration. Think about it. He might disapear on you. Which means no $$ and no father for your child.

          Plan B.. If he is visa overstay/out of status, marry him and try to make it work. This way he will be around for your daughter & you, Be able to get real job.. and if it doesnt work out in the end, you now have recourse with the courts becuase he will be legal and can have his wages garnished


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            He is illegal no inspection. Marriage is not an option. I am not sure what to do. I understand the exposure thing......but I understand my son needs a dad as well. Tough situation here. If he goes home can I sue him through his country?


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