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    Elements of education Education has specific elements, and it has its inputs, processes, and outputs. As for its inputs, it is: [3] The teacher and what is related to him from the level that qualifies him to education, the cultural and social background that he possesses, متى يوم التأسيس ١٤٤٤

    and his performance skills and competencies. The student and his related motives, tendencies and trends. The educational environment, its components, and its level of organization, in addition to the educational resources available in it. The study material, its quality, and the way it is organized. As for the education processes, they are:[3] Teaching methods and methods used in it, and the role of teachers and students influencing them. Activities and exercises that are implemented during the educational process. The calendar, its methods and the topics it includes. While the outcomes of the educational process include: [2] Increasing students' skills and knowledge. Stimulating students' intelligence. Interest in the educational subject. Increasing self-confidence and increasing the social development of students. Increasing students' ability to face different situations, and modifying students' individual behavior. Types of education There are many types of education that the learner receives in different educational institutions, and each type of education has its own curriculum according to the desired goals, and educational institutions varied depending on the type of education, for example: there are academic schools, بحوث بوربوينت جاهزة

    vocational schools, etc., and the common types of it There are four, and they are as follows: [4] Technical vocational education: It is the education that aims to qualify students to practice a specific profession, one of the requirements of which is that they have specific technical and professional capabilities, and examples of it: agricultural education, and industrial education. Craftsman education: It is the education that aims at the recipient's possession of a specific craft. such as spinning, weaving, and repairing precise devices, and it is somewhat similar to vocational education, except that it is easier, and the period of receiving it is shorter. Academic Education: It is the education that is measured
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