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    Initially, each player is dealt six cards that are played in a sequence of attacks and defenses. If a player has fewer than six cards in their hand, drawing from the deck (stock) made up of the undealt cards restores their hand to six cards. If there are no more cards in the draw pile, the hands are no longer refilled. The aim is to discard all cards from your hand. The last player with cards left is the loser. This player is the fool (Durak).

    dealing cards

    The computer shuffles the cards and deals them face down to the players in turn in clockwise order until each player has six cards. The next card is dealt face up in the middle of the table. The suit of this card determines the trump suit. The remaining undealt cards are placed face down in a pile on top of the trump card, but shifted so that the suit and value of the trump card are visible

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    Thanks for the simple explanation!


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        Mediatakeout, once a popular destination for entertainment news and gossip Click here, has suddenly disappeared from the internet, leaving fans confused and concerned. So, what happened to Mediatakeout and where did it go?


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          The fact that bean bag seats are portable Chairpers, lightweight, and almost indestructible makes them an absolute need.


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            A conversão de vídeos Visite aqui do YouTube em MP3 é muitas vezes feita para a conveniência de ter um único ficheiro áudio de alta qualidade com todo o conteúdo encontrado no vídeo original.


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