Here are my few cents to find a job in Dubai. Based on my personal experience, I have jotted down few points which worked for me and which didn’t.

Based on your status:

1. If you are currently based in UAE on spouse/ family visa ? - It is legal to work here if you are on your spouse visa. It is comparatively easier to get a contract job initially when you have your own visa.

2. Are you a fresher? Are you staying in your native country? Are you currently having a job in your native country? -Try finding the scope of your field in UAE with people on LinkedIn. You can request them to refer you if they come across relevant for you. You can also follow recruiters/ consultancies from your domain and apply to suitable job openings. If you already have your friends/ family working in UAE, then try getting their help in finding a job here.

Based on my experience Referrals & Indeed, AspireWiki and LinkedIn are more effective than job portals.Also, when you approach people on LinkedIn to help you out, please take care of few points:

1. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated: Your country of residence, your visa status ( do mention if you have a valid work visa), a little about you and your skills.

2. Be very active on LinkedIn : Don’t be over selective or lazy while applying for jobs. Like everywhere, there is great competition here.

3. Approach the right people in the right way: From my personal experience I can say that your LinkedIn request has more chance to get accepted when you send it with a personal note. You can mention about your skills, visa status ,etc in the note.

In the end, please don’t bombard just anyone on LinkedIn - approach someone at your level ( in term of seniority , field and company). Also understand that not everyone is helping. Few people help, most do not. Don’t annoy people again and again if they don’t answer to you.

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