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How to polish wood

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  • How to polish wood

    How to polish wood
    Polishing wood enhances the natural and beautiful colors of home collectibles, increases its brilliance and prolongs its life. It is worth noting that there are many methods used when polishing, including the following:

    Industrial methods for polishing wood
    Many industrial materials are used and applied to polish and clean wood with precision and care, and we mention the following: Buying a wood polisher suitable for the quality of wood or using linseed or appropriate oils. It contains strong fumes, which may cause harm to its user

    When you need to clean a hardwood floor; If the day is sunny and the product is flammable, it is safer to work inside the house, making sure to polish the hardwood floor, open all windows in the room, and buy protective breathing masks, which protect one from any fumes that you may encounter.

    Wipe the piece of wooden furniture to be polished from any dust or anything stuck on it, move other furniture or ornamental plants away from it to another room, and place a cloth on the carpet so that it does not become contaminated, and make sure that the room is free of children or domestic animals, if any.

    Clean the wood well before putting detergents on it using wood cleaners appropriate for its type, or a mixture of hot water with soap, and wipe the furniture and floors with a dry clean cloth, and then clean and wipe the spaces between the wood, and then dry the wood with a clean, dry cloth; Because water damages wood.

    Apply the polishing solution to wood and stains and rub it carefully and carefully, but try it on an external piece of wood to make sure it gives it the desired result, and give it plenty of time to dry, and then wipe it with a clean and soft cloth.

    Wipe the wood with a wax remover along the length of the wood, and it must be ensured and tested on an external piece of wood so that the wood to be polished is not damaged, and wait until the wood dries, and then wipe the excess Dirt or wax residue with a clean, dry cloth, and if any traces of wax remain, and if any remains are left then gently use wire fibers to remove those traces

    Then put a dry cloth in a box of wood polish and remove it quickly, then wipe the wood until we get a thin layer of polish on the wood, making sure to reach all the cracks and corners of the wood and polishing the internal and external joints, and repeating the process again when needed.

    General Note: Quickly clean corners accidentally stained with soap and water or detergent, scrub with a clean, dry cloth, wait a full day before returning furniture, polish if scratched during transport, and then wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

    Natural ways to polish wood
    It should be noted that there are natural materials for polishing and cleaning wood as well, and we mention the following: Mixing a cup of mineral oil (which is known as petroleum oil or paraffin oil) with three drops of lemon oil or lemon juice, placing it in a bottle or in a plastic container and making sure Before that, it was cleaned

    Rub the mixture after placing it on wood and kitchen wood with a soft cloth, and repeat the process more than once when needed, and use a soft-bristled brush to rub the corners and narrow areas, and then wipe the wood with a clean, soft cloth. Mixing an ounce of grated beeswax with five ounces of turpentine (a colorless and yellowish oil).

    It is used in the manufacture of chemicals such as paint stain remover, etc.), and put it in a bottle or in a plastic container and make sure it is clean before that as mentioned in the previous method, and wipe the wood with a soft cloth, and repeat the process when needed.

    Mix a cup of olive oil with a quarter cup of white vinegar, put it in a spray bottle, spray it on the wood and rub it with a soft cloth, and repeat the process more than once when needed, and then wipe the wood with a clean and soft cloth.

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