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  • types of stones

    granite stone
    Granite stones are distinguished by their hardness, their ability to resist damage, and they are most commonly used in traffic areas, in addition to their frequent use in the work of kitchen surfaces. Granite is characterized by its good resistance to dirt and ease of cleaning, and its details are characterized by infinite accuracy. Between light gray and black, in addition to the possibility of other colors such as white

    Marble and Limestone
    These two types of stones can be classified within sedimentary rocks, as they were formed in places where sediments abound, such as the bottoms of lakes, rivers and oceans, as these compact sedimentary layers are what give marble its appearance full of wavy veins, while limestone is a stone composed mainly of calcium carbonate rocks. These rocks are quickly affected by acids, so they are recommended for use in closed places such as bathroom sinks, where their use in kitchens can make them more susceptible to acids. As for the difference between marble and limestone, marble is formed under greater heat and pressure, and for a longer period of time compared to With limestone, which gives it a stronger shine

    slate stone
    Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of oily rocks, and is characterized by its easy division into thin pieces, so it is widely used in the construction of ceilings and floors, in addition to being highly resistant and difficult to break, as for the color, it may overlap green, black, dark red, and gray , or even purple, and it is preferable when cleaning it to rinse it with water, and expose it to air to maintain its luster.

    This type of stone is formed from metamorphic rocks rich in magnesium, and it is a chemically inert stone, which means that it is not reactive with other chemical elements.

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