Fresh Restaurant

توصيل طلبات
Another of the restaurants that we provide a restaurant delivery service on the Prop application is Al Tazaj restaurant. Al Tazaj restaurant was opened in 1989 AD in the city of Makkah Al Mukarramah on Al Azizia Street in particular. The restaurant specializes in providing fast food, on top of which is chicken meal with potatoes and soft drinks. In addition to other types of meals, Al Tazaj Restaurant has many branches in a group of different countries other than Saudi Arabia, including Oman, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Malaysia, the United States of America, Morocco, Chad, Kuwait and Jordan.

توصيل طلبات مطاعم

And also many other restaurants besides Al Baik Restaurant and Al Tazaj Restaurant that we provide to our customers on the application and we seek to increase the group. Wait to get to know these restaurants in other articles and tell us now about the list of restaurants that you prefer to deliver restaurant orders from!