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Mohan: Need your advice on Special Registration

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  • Mohan: Need your advice on Special Registration

    I belong to one of those countries for special registration. My current status is AOS with pending application and currently holding a EAD. I entered USA as EWI. Do I still need to register?


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    I belong to one of those countries for special registration. My current status is AOS with pending application and currently holding a EAD. I entered USA as EWI. Do I still need to register?



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      you have to register if

      -16 yrs old and above
      -entered the US before sep 20 2001
      -a national of the countries identified for registration

      your AOS could be jeopardized by your failure to register. On the other hand if you are afraid that they may lock you up because of your nationality, you really dont have a choice.

      i hope they dont mistreat you like the horrible stories posted here and in the news. as long as you dont have nothing bad to hide, the almighty is with you.



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        my mistake


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          Special Registration of certain individuals from certain countries at U.S. ports of entry continues. Those visitors already in the U.S. who were registered at a port of entry on or after September 11, 2002 are still subject to Special Registration procedures required at their time of entry and during their stay in the U.S.

          Who Must Register ?

          If you are in the category you must register at a designated INS Office .
          If you are a male born on or before February 24, 1987, and

          If you were inspected by the INS and last admitted to the U.S. as a nonimmigrant on or before September 30, 2002

          If you did not have an application for asylum pending on January 16, 2003, and

          If you will be in the U.S. at least until March 28, 2003.

          According to the above you have to have your application pending. its your wifes application. If you also applied for Asylum (sending your finger print, photograph, and all other requirements) the you don't have to register, if you are only a beneficiary of alien seeking asylum then you have to register.


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            Tell Us more about you HOw you file? what catagory under you are filed?
            You entered EWI, but you are seeking immigration benifits so you have to register, regardless of consequences of registration, you don't want to ruin your chances of immigration benifits in future.


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              Mohan are you out of your f------ mind? ALL those who Entered Without Inspection do not have to register, regardless if they are seeking AOS or not.


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                I thought if someone was NOT inspected at the port of entry ( EWI ) with no I-94 they do not have to register even if they belong to one of the countries. Please verify if this is true.

                My catagory is C9. Currently holding a EAD and pending AOS since 5/2001. I have already had one interview with the INS back in May, 2001 when I paid the $1000 fee.



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                  TO DO NOT:
                  If you entered illigally. you are not bound to register but if you have your any kind of record, INS will know that you was here or you are within the country ,Anytime you will ask for relief or Apply for visa or any kind of immigration benifit you will be denied.
                  They want everybody to register but who entered illigally , its almost fixed that they will be deported so they don't go to register to aviod deportation. Another words they are here illegal, they arew not qualify for any sort of relief anyway( with exception), registration doesn,t make any good for them but harm.

                  TO Frehm:
                  thats true, but you already have your record with INS They know you are here, you are seeking immigration benifits. you should register, but don't go without attorney.


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                    I initially filed my paper work in Los Angeles INS office. I have reniewed my last EAD card from LA office as well. Now I live in Minnesotta temporary for work. Where do I go for the Special Registration? NSC or LA INS office.



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                      NSC is nearer to you. It doesn't make difference .anywhere.


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                        I had a phone conversation with an Immigration Officer today. I told her I do not have a I-94 card, currently holding a EAD with pending AS application and belong to one of the countries. I then asked her if I need to go for Special registration. She replied " No ".

                        (The numbers to call is 202-514-2895 and then ask you have a question regarding Special Registration. I think then they connect you to the National Service Center)

                        Seems like the I-94 card is very important for the special registration. As a proof that someone already completed the registration, a Fingerprint Identification Number ( FIN ) will be annotated on the I-94 form. So, someone like me who enter USA without inspection and with no I-94 do not need a special registration.

                        The following information was taken from:
                        Page 26.

                        WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN I GO TO REGISTER?
                        At the interview, you will be fingerprinted and photographed. You need to bring your passport and Form I-94 (Arrival – Departure Record), any other forms of government-issued identification documents that you have been issued, and proof of residence, employment or school matriculation.

                        Yes. Your I-94 (Arrival – Departure Record) will be annotated with a Fingerprint Identification Number (FIN) to show that you have registered.

                        Please feel free to comment.



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                          I asked the Lawyers he say without inspected dont have to register.


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                            If you entered without inspection (illegally), you don't have to register? Doesn't make a lot of sense. Wouldn't they be more interested in immigrants that SNEAK in? Wouldn't they be more suspicous of THEM?


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                              Frehm, I can tell u that u do have 2 register.


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